what is difference between palms n cycades?

although they look same but i have come to know that they are absolutely different can some body elaborate how to differenciate between these two.

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  • Rob E
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    1 decade ago
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    Palms and Cycads belong to two very different plant groupings -

    Palms are monocotyledons, whilst Cycads are dicotyledons.

    Dicotyledons include most flowering plants that we know, including the bulk of trees etc, whereas the mono-cotyledons include plants such as grasses, which typically have a simpler plant structure than the other plant group. Hence Palm 'trees' have a more basic trunk structure than a tree from the other group, such as a an Oak tree, which is more complex.

    Your question is largely how to differentiate between them, as you realise that they are different. Most of the Cycads can be recognised by their rosettes of leaves, many of them fairly thick fleshy, sometimes sharpy and spiky leaves. Whilst they develop trunks, which can appear fibrous and matted like many palms, they will have that give-away rosette of leaves at the top. Many Cycads, and also some palms, have underground trunks, but it is the above ground parts that are the tell-tale signs of each.

    Lastly, Palms produce flowers and set seeds, often covered in a fruity layer, such as a Date. Cycads have rosettes of cones, that produce seeds without any such coating - they were a much earlier type of plant, dating from way back before Palms did.

    Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

  • anthes
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    3 years ago

    Cycads N Palms

  • 1 decade ago

    d (skd)

    Any of various evergreen plants that live in tropical and subtropical regions, have large feathery leaves, and resemble palm trees in that most leaves cluster around the top of the stem. Cycads are gymnosperms that bear conelike reproductive structures at the top of the stem, with male and female cones borne on different plants. Cycads were common in many parts of the Earth during the Jurassic Period and survive today in about 250 species. Sago palms are cycads.

    palm: any plant of the family Palmae having an unbranched trunk crowned by large pinnate or palmate leaves


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  • Lar
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    1 decade ago

    cycades reproductive organs are in a cone where palms will reproduce with flowers

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