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What's your reaction to "world's most beautiful/good-looking men/women" articles?

It seems to me that every other day, magazines/papers nominate "world's most beautiful women/men, world's hottest women/men" etc. I have no clue who and what kind of people actually vote for these celebrities to be the world's hottest, but I find it rather repulsive. And if you have noticed, the person who wins this title "world's hottest" changes each time the magazine/paper prints out its new issue.

These magazines actually make it sound as if only celebrities (porn star, actor/actress, model, etc) can become the world's hottest. Not this John Doe who lives next door to me whom I think is the hottest man in the world.

What do you think?


I mean just the concept of Miss Universe/Mr Universe contests.. is more than I can bear.

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    They have to change them quickly so as to keep their reader's interest. They can change back, though. Between novelty and familiarity, they'll maintain their readership.

    (I think Brad Pitt or George Clooney have been People's "Sexiest man alive" more than once.)

    All human beings have an ability to decide things, individually.

    These magazines work against that ability, possibly shutting it down in some people.

    There may be an implicit message there of "This is what 'everybody else' is thinking and thus you should too..."

    That worries me the most.

    Rather than saying this John Doe is more attractive to you than anyone else in the world, you might feel pressured then to say, "Well, yeah, he's hot, but... not like Top 100 material or anything..."



    I oppose the 1-to-10 attractiveness rating "scale" as well.

    People only use the 5-10.

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    never seen such things in magazines and papers that I read, but I would imagine it would be fun to look at the pictures.

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