who likes shrimp creole (coonass/cajun style)?

Somebody was asking about a shrimp creole recipe yesterday and I thought about answering but to tell you the truth...I don't keep recipes. I just work with what I've got and add what I like to taste and it always comes out right. My folks say it's a gift. My best advice is, keep it fresh and don't over do it. You can always add more but it's hard to take it out. (fresh onions, garlic and green peppers a pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper...sauteed w/bacon and butter makes everything taste good...hahaha) maybe dice a couple of ripe tomatoes and add 'em to the mix, throw in couple pounds of 12-15 count shrimp (deveined) and a pot of creamy grits (instead of rice) on the side. A loaf of french bread w/ lots butter, garlic and grated parmesan. A fresh green salad w/ homemade olive oil vinaigrette and a glass (or two) of red wine...damn, I know what's for supper tonight.

How's that sound?


My mom's folks moved to New Orleans when she was a child and I lived there for awhile. I got some real coonasses in de family...tell you me.

Update 2:

I always make some rice too. Not everyone has acquired the taste. I think most folks never had 'em fixed right. But dat's okay..'cher. No grits fo' you..

Update 3:

Yeah..you can put lotsa stuff in there and I would probably add some more as I go along but like I said...there ain't no recipe. Plus, I ain't making jambalaya. If I was...look out.

Update 4:

Hey Nan...like I said..."don't over do it..you can always add more but it's hard to take it out."

That's what I was talking about. Salt, pepper, spices, etc...and canned 'meters will do but we both know the difference.

I can my own 'maters. Had 500 plants this year. Still got some ripe on the vine. Til we getta freeze anyway. Gonna build another greenhouse this winter.

Update 5:

hey fishin.. like my coonass kinfolk say...if it don't eat me first it's fair game.

... throw it in de pot and whatever else we got...heh

Update 6:

damn that was good!!!

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    You know I do Dr........even though I live in the other Louisiana!!! (north Louisiana) LOL!!

    I have cooked and eaten Shrimp Creole, Seafood Gumbo, Boiled Crawfish and you name it as long as I can remember! Remember I am from Louisiana. If it moves we cook it, just about! I don't use recipes either, but when folks ask for them, well what do you do, you gotta please em you know!


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    Your right it is a gift. I rarely use recipes. I glance at the ingredients needed and decide if I can improve it. Even if I can't improve the recipe a real chef does not need to measure. I just know how much to add even if I am cooking for 50 people. The only mistake I make is too much salt, so I add that at the end now until the food taste right. My advice is to under salt. I have seen so many people salting the food out of habit even before they taste it. Your on the right path. I like to use celery,onion, garlic,red,and green peppers in my creole. I used canned tomatoes when I was out of fresh, or canned chunky rotel for a spicy flavor.

    Source(s): I pretend to be a chef http://www.texmex.net/Rotel/main.htm I noticed you have 25% best answers (me too)
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    I was watching one of our local chef's cook it on his show and i was amazed at what all he put in his.I agree though bacon and butter (has to be real butter land of lakes)make everything taste better.

    I have never made it we are not much for shrimp I do crave it once in while though..

    Sounds like a wonderful dinner.

    We love anything cajun.

    Copelands restautrant there is new orleans is fabulous.The one in Pensacola,Fl shut down ..that was the closest one to us in destin ,fla

    Source(s): Glad momma taught you to cook!
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    Mais dat sound good til ya said grits.I gotta have my rice wit all my coonass dishes yeah!

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