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Could Peter Tobin be Bible John ?

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    YES IT IS!

    SERIAL killer Peter Tobin has become prime suspect in the 40-year hunt for Bible John.

    Former detective Joe Jackson, who investigated the 1960s slayings, said he suspected Tobin the moment he was arrested for Angelika Kluk's killing in 2006.

    He said: "I remember when Tobin got caught for the murder in the church.

    "When I saw his photograph, I thought, 'This is as near to Bible John as you are going to get. This looks a winner.' "He fitted the bill in every way and he had connections with religion.

    "Looking at Tobin's track record, he is someone who should be considered very, very carefully."

    Bible John reputedly killed Patricia Docker, 25, and Jemima McDonald, 32, and Helen Puttock, 29, after picking them up in Glasgow's Barrowland Ballroom.

    Their bodies were found in back courts the day after they failed to return home.

    They had been abused, strangled and ritually arranged. It seemed the murders were the work of the same man.

    And Jackson, author of Chasing Killers, believes Tobin should be investigated for the murders of Patricia and Jemima - even though DNA evidence in Helen's murder points to another man.

    Tobin was 21 and living in Glasgow at the time. There are other coincidences that put him in the frame.

    He was a regular at city dance halls.

    Around the time, Tobin launched a savage sex attack on his first wife and left her for dead.

    The predator was driven to violence by the menstrual cycle - a factor in all three Bible John murders.

    He was a religious man and bore a striking resemblance to the police photofit.

    And Tobin left Scotland to move to Brighton in 1969 - the year the killings stopped.

    As a young detective, Jackson was involved in the Patricia Docker inquiry and joined a special police team assigned to dance halls in the hunt for the killer.

    And the former head of the Serious Crime Squad is more qualified than most to comment on the mystery.

    One of two very similar artist's impressions of Bible John was drawn with the help of Helen's sister, Jean Langford.

    The two women had gone dancing and left the Barrowland together with the man who would later kill Helen - Bible John's final victim.

    Helen and Jean had jumped in a taxi with two men calling themselves John.

    One of the men said he was from Castlemilk and the other kept making references to the Bible. They were later nicknamed Castlemilk John and Bible John.

    As the taxi headed west, Castlemilk John - Jean's "lumber" - changed his mind and asked to be dropped off at St George's Cross.

    The taxi dropped Jean off before continuing with Helen and Bible John. It was the last time Jean would see her sister alive.

    Her body was found - just yards from her home in Scotstoun - by a neighbour walking his dog at 7.25am on Friday, October 31, 1969.

    Tobin's DNA profile does not match the semen sample found on her tights.

    Jackson says that does not rule him out completely because the semen may not have been the killer's.

    Castlemilk John was never found.

    But, at the time, Tobin worked in a B&B in Hill Street - a couple of streets from where Castlemilk John was dropped.

    And he lived in Shettleston, a short hop from the Barrowland and even closer to where Jemima's body was found in MacKeith Street, Bridgeton.

    Jackson said: "You can probably rule Tobin out of the third one, with regard to the DNA ... but was that DNA her murderer's DNA? You can't be sure of that.

    "DNA is only a tool. It is not the be-all and end-all of modern investigation.

    "I would still look at him for the other two murders, as my theory is there is more than one killer."

    But without any forensics to tie Tobin to the murders, the only hope of a breakthrough lies in an admission of guilt.

    Jackson added: "You have to go back to the way it was done in my day and that is talk to them and get them to confess.

    "You would have to sit down and really have a go at the guy to see what he can tell you. That is the only way I would see these murders being tied to Tobin now."

    Tobin's name has been linked with a number of unsolved cases across the UK.

    But Jackson believes his connection with the murders is more than idle speculation.

    He said: "You have three murders and none of them is solved.

    "It is only a spurious link, I would say, that joins them together.

    "With a guy like Tobin, police will be looking at him and saying there is a possibility he has been involved, if not in all of these murders, then in some of them."

    The most obvious coincidence is that Tobin was in the Glasgow area around the time of the murders.

    Jackson said: "I always felt with regard to Bible John that if he had stayed in Glasgow, he was daft. So he would have to clear out of the city."

    The murders stopped in 1969 - the same year the killer moved south. And the similarities do not stop there.

    Tobin met his first wife, Margaret Mackintosh, at a Glasgow dance hall in 1968. Within months, he wa

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    Peter Tobin Bible John

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    I personally believe that Peter Tobin is 'Bible John' There are a number of reason why I think this is the case, here are a few

    The killings all took place within a 20month window between 1968 and 1969, in which time Peter Tobin was in the Glasgow area

    Tobin moved down south in 1969, and the killings in Glasgow stopped

    'Bible John' is said to have quoted from the bible several times in the 1960s. When Tobin returned to Glasgow he assumed a new identity and frequented church. Where he would meet one of his victims, a Polish student named Angelika Kluk.

    The Police have never been able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Tobin is 'Bible John' but I do think lots of people in Glasgow and the UK believe he is.

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    likely, Peter Tobin may were about 21 on the time of the first homicide attributed to bible john. Similarities between Tobin's police mugshot from that era and the photofit artist's effect of Bible John boost the argument. also compelling is that Tobin moved faraway from Glasgow in 1969 that can account for the cessation of the killings.

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    I believe so and so do the Lothian and Borders police who were involved in the Vicky Hamilton investigation, I know one of the detectives that has been on the investigation for a couple of years now.

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    there were no Johns in the biblical days.

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