How to raise credit score 28 points in 2 months?

I want to apply for an apartment but they need a 625 credit score. I lost my job for a few months and am now behind on two accounts.

My credit score is 597. I can bring the accounts current in less than three weeks but will just that be enough to raise my score those 28 points? I don't want to waste my application fee just to get rejected.

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    Realistically you will not see any real movement in your score under 6 months, I have seen some scores move by up by 80 in that time period. Here the blue print I got from

    - First pay off your existing credit cards to below 20% of the credit limit

    - Second write down the average due dates on all your cards and schedule a mental note to pay at least 2 working days before.

    - Use a minimum of 5% and maximum of 9% of each credit card limit monthly (ensuring that you pay off that amount each time monthly, thus keeping your balance below the 30% line.

    - DON'T APPLY FOR ANY OTHER CREDIT - This is a big no no because they will ping your credit score and it will negatively affect you.

    Thats the basic blueprint if you want results in the shortest time possible and within a year you should see close to 700. Read my source it has a great article.

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    You need to know what is on your report, if it is just the two accounts you need to not only pay them off but contact them by phone or mail (whatever the option on your report is) and request them to remove the negative notes as well. Also, once you check out your credit report you will see if there are other things you need to remove, please remember even inquires can lower your score up to 5 whole points each! It is easy to get inquires removed, just call or write to the companies reporting them, they usually are gone within a month or sooner!

    Just please be sure you can afford the apartment and are not walking into another debt that you will struggle with, I made that mistake when I got my apartment, my Boyfriend and I wanted to live alone together and not with roommates and I was not aware of the debts he had so the bills were hard with his debts we had to pay. I honestly would suggest to pay all of your debts you can before moving and remember if you are going to have monthly payments to ANY debt make sure you will still be able to have enough money to put in a savings and NEVER touch.

    Good luck!

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    I was in the same situation a year ago and a friend pointed me to this book. It helped me greatly here is a link where you can check it out.

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    take out a secured loan for about $600 and pay it back in one month, and take out another and pay it within the second month, guaranteed to boost your credit score

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