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Stealing the Hills講咩??




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    Stealing the Hills takes place in a beautiful village in the

    English countryside. The story is narrated by Susan, a

    teenage girl whose family lives in the village. Her father

    works in the local coal mine, as do most of the men in the

    village. However, there is no coal left in the mine, and it

    therefore has to close, leaving the workers and their

    families unemployed and depressed.

    A rich man, Mr Beech, appears in the village. He tells the

    trusting villagers that he is going to buy the old coal mine

    and provide new jobs for the workers. But Mr Beech is in

    fact an unscrupulous businessman. He buys a beautiful

    hill next to the village park and starts digging there,

    looking for more coal. Soon the village is no longer

    beautiful but black with coal dust. The villagers go to work

    for him but he pays very badly.

    Susan and her friend Julie organize a protest against Mr

    Beech - they want to get him out of the village. But the

    businessman is utterly immoral and his dirty tricks really

    frighten Susan and her family ...

    這個summary 沒有講結局, 結局需要自己看, 另外如果想知道有關故事的主旨和作者資料可看以下連結 :

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