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英文單字 造句 今天就贈送點數


<There is a iot of >greenery.







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    Arlington has received state and federal funding to help turn its portion of Massachusetts Avenue from a transportation corridor to one of Arlington ’s great pedestrian-friendly streets.

    The redesign will strive to create a truly livable, pedestrian friendly street, where people feel safe and comfortable meeting, shopping, and strolling.

    A pedestrian-friendly environment helps maintain the vitality of the downtown area.

    There is a lot of greenery in the garden.

    There are run-down bungalows and high-rise buildings of the Olympic Village in Munich .

    Ballymun is a run-down 1960s high-rise Dublin suburb, the only one of its kind in Ireland .

    At Riverfront Plaza , the nexus of expensive new brick and glass high-rise condo buildings and run-down areas that have traditionally attracted some of Denver 's homeless population,

    That has to be the best subway train in New York .

    The word subway is usually used there to refer to rail-based rapid transit systems such as New York Subway.

    E-ticket is the most convenient way to buy airline tickets.

    The London congestion charge is a fee for some motorists entering the city.

    Areas most likely to be littered fall into four categories: special event venues, roadways and highways, high traffic and everyday locations, and what KAB refers to as "Transition Points."

    No matter where litter starts, it moves. From streets and highways to parks and waterways. Wind and weather moves litter around a community, into the gutters, planted gardens, alleyways and parking areas.

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    你也不說清楚 你要的是啥

    是每一個單字一個句子嗎 還是??


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