My mother flipped threw the roof help!?

Okay well my brother ended up going over to his friend i will call him bob's house when they where all gone. His friend matt had a key to the house because he was suppose to be taking care of bobs dog when they where gone. my bro is 16 and matt is 14. Well anyway bob and his family came home and realized that something wasn't right. Investedgated and found out that my bro and his friend threw a party at bobs house. There was 15 kids there, theft happened, breaking an entering, and grand theft auto. >.< they boys took bob's mothers car out joyriding. well anyways charges are being presses on all the kids as should be. My mom is at her end with my brother. She wants the state to take him. I was in the state and I know how hard a life it is. Is there any good and I mean GOOD punishment that you think my mother would by so he don't go to foster care? This isn't the first time something like this has happened and no matter what my ma does he won't stop it.


She has tried everything else trust me. It's just she can't take it at all anymore. She has tried every other possible route. But I was in foster care and i know how it is and i don't wanna see him there. Even tho he new that this was the only option ma had left if he continued and did something major. She isn't going to calm down. My mother has had enough.

Update 2:

The one other problem we are running into is my ma works about two hours away from home as a welder she is a single ma and she does have to work. He just moved back here from my uncle robs because ma sent him there as a form of punishment thinking he needed a mail figure. He got into trouble with stealing right before he left. He hasn't even been home a week and now this.

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  • Rachel
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    1 decade ago
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    For what he has done there is a good chance he will end up in Juvie before too long. Then he will wish he behaved himself. Try seeing if you can take him to a jail/prison/juvie to see what it is like and where he is headed if he doesn't change

  • 1 decade ago

    Foster care is not a first choice. A lot of things have to happen in order for a child to end up in CPS. Your mother should ground him and lay down VERY strict rules but not just dump him like a dog at the pound. Give her time to cool off.

  • House Arrest would be my best suggestion. If Bob's family is pressing charges and this goes to court they might just do that too!

  • If there are charges being pressed she needs to agree with them and make him held accountable before the courts. If he's not learning his lesson and respecting her parenting then she is at desperate means. You should be talking to him and asking him to shape up before it gets to extreme measures.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that your mom needs to keep him on a tight leash. He's young and obviously isn't mature enough to be left alone, so he shouldn't be.

  • Muffin
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    1 decade ago

    Try boot camp i think that would work, they are strict their and he will learn.

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