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What does the quote "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt" by Mark Twain mean?

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    "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt." This example uses the similarity between the way the name of the river, "The Nile" and the theraputic term "denial" sound when spoken. It is a humourous way of saying that some one refuses to see what is obvious to every one else, usually as a way of protecting himself from the pain the truth would cause.

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    It's a play on words.

    The Nile is a river in Egypt. It sounds like "denial".

    He is saying that "denial" exists, other than the name of the river. Denial is what they call it when someone wont face something that is uncomfortable for them, e.g. someone could be in denial about an addiction, refusing to believe they have a problem. I don't know specifically what Twain was referring to, but people use the quote for all kinds of denial situations.

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    What does the quote "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt" by Mark Twain mean?

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    Denial River

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    It is a play on words.

    Denial = The Nile, which is a river in Egypt

    Denial = Psychology An unconscious defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings.

    Basically, the phrase is a clever way of telling someone that they are in Denial. :D

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    River In Egypt

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    Denial, is a play on words on The Nile is a very large river in Egypt. As in the De-Nile in Egypt isn't just a river.

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    It's just a metaphorical play on words. DENIAL does really exist!

    And, it's not just a river in Egypt. In other words, you may be in denial

    about something, and this person is trying to highlight the fact that your

    in denial.

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    I don't. It's just a lame play on words, without much meaning. Probably used as a comeback at some point by someone who thought they were really clever. That's what I think, thanks for asking.

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