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sharpening knives for hunting?

how do i sharpen my benchmade knife so its nice and sharp

heres my knife...its the one in the middle

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    knives like yours with that type of grind angle can be very hard to sharpen yourself. spyderco makes a tri corner sharpener that will re sharpen the serrated part of the blade pretty well, I have one.

    the smooth part of the blade has such a steep grind angle, that even when you get it to where it feels sharp, it still won't cut very well.

    your particular knife was made mainly to look cool, and to serve as a defense weapon. it is almost totally worthless as a hunting tool.

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    I collect knives & although that's a nice knife it's pretty well useless for hunting . Get a good drop point, or skinner (no serrations). I sharpen my knives on the Tormek, final honing leather & rouge, or ultrafine diamond. I don't try to sharpen serrated knives Benchmade does offer the service.

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    First of all, I would not recommend using that knife for hunting.

    I sharpen my knives with a whetstone, and hone them with a sharpening steel. Go to a knife store and have them show you how to do it properly so you don't ruin the edge.

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    Crap knife for hunting. Quiet a few of Benchmades knives are hollow-ground and for warranty reasons want you to send them in and have them done there. I have a Benchmade Bowie style and it goes dull quickly, but is a breeze to tune-up. I just send mine in once a year.

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    without looking at knife ,,, first,,,, feel the blade edge,, if there are any large nicks ,,, you will need a 3 side diamond file, start by pointing blade away from you also the point,, give each side a stroke firm you should do this at a angle, of 8-12 degrees,,, your are starting a proper edge by now keep filing until you can feel,,,, the blade become less rough,, now a proper edge has been made ,,, now to sharpen said ,, you will need a wet stone bigger the better,, ad some oil, draw blade towarsd you in a slight less angle, on each side 2-4 times,, i know this sounds hard but it is a must in knife maintenance,,, you will get the hang of it ok thanks eddie

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    Don't sharpen it yourself, it's very difficult to hand sharpen. Send it back to benchmade and for a nominal fee they will make it factory sharp.

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    Thats a tactical knife, what do you use that on besides seat belts and muggers?

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