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How should I prepare for the AP Bio and APUSH exams in May?

I know its early, but I have retained like no information. I only read AP Bio chapters but I forgot the info right after I took the chapter test. I thought I was going to do okay on apush because I only studied for world history last year with a princeton review book.

I felt fairly sure I could get at least a 3 until a friend told me I should be reading the textbook and if i didnt start now i would fail.

I gave up on Bio weeks ago, due to my teachers incompetence. almost halfway through the year and we've done 3 labs. fail.

How should I prepare?


I also need to prepare because I plan on taking SAT Subject tests in one Math and in Biology. If I have to take a third I might as well take it in U.S. History.

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    Im not sure..but im taking AP environmental science and I hope i could get a 5 so i could get money and buy a new laptop bcoz im stuck with this old's so slow..

    And i wish u all the best on both the SAT and AP. ;D

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    alright to commence, the test isn't too ingredient oriented to be waiting to talk. often it makes a speciality of subject concerns and generalizations. you will could desire to purchase a assessment e-e book this summer season time and read by employing potential of it as quickly as and that are meant to be VERY accessible. And the guy or lady who reported a lot of fellows and females will drop out of the class became into as quickly as of course appropriate. it gets extra desirable as you get the evaluate of concerns, merely shield up! you frequently will could desire to verify a million-2 chapters a week and write a million-2 essays a week. it particularly is complicated, besides the shown fact that worth it. Oh and that i obtained a A each and each semesters, a 5 on the AP examination, and a 770 of the SAT situation try. :)

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    There's really no other way other than reading the textbook. Then, doing practice on some test prep book like Barron's. It's easy to say, but that's the way to go.

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