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What are some good things to give a baby that loves elmo?

My nephews going to be 1 a few days before x-mas and he lovesss elmo.What are some cute things for his birthday they aren't wallet wreching

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    I think one of the best gifts for your nephew who loves Elmo and his Sesame Street friends is children's personalized Birthday Elmo - Sesame Street CD. It includes 23 exciting tracks (songs and dialogs).

    Elmo mentions the child by his first name more than 60 times on this unique personalized children's music CD. Great children's gift for birthday!

    Some of the personalized birthday Elmo - Sesame Street CD songs are:

    - Sesame Street Theme Song

    - Splish-Splash Bath

    - Elmo's World

    They are sung exclusively for the child by Elmo and Sesame Street favorites Big Bird, Oscar, Grover and the Count.

    It's an exciting, long-lasting and memorable birthday gift for any child who loves Elmo.

    Check it out by clicking the link for personalized birthday Elmo - Sesame Street CD below:



  • My sister in law was just telling me she found 3 elmo dvds online for 10 dollars....I know you can get elmo dolls and what not for under 20...and then the all wreching elmo live for 65 at walmart or the even more wallet wreching elmo kitchen for 98 at

    Elmo toys at ToysRUs.Com:

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    My daughter wanted the interactive elmo (just turned 2) but at 60$ we decided to wait and got her the 10$ one that sings instead and she drags it everywhere, I can even sing the song in my its stuck in my head again and shes in bed darn it!

    Anything with elmo even clothing will make a 1yr old happy, he can wear elmo! and there is also an elmo rider (20-25$)that helps them walk and then ride that makes noises.

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    There are some really cute Elmo things at toys r' us. I bought my son the Elmo tub toy- wind up submarine and he loves it at bathtime. Don't get the tickle me elmo, they go through batteries like water. There should be some DVD's too that have "Elmo's World" segments on them. There's a cute sprinkler toy for summer too that I googled- elmo sprinkler.

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    A fleece blanket with elmo on it

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