what does a 2 year contract extension mean?

for a at&t wireless phone

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    it means that you are under contract with at&t for another two years and that you will not qualify for any equipment discounts for another 21 months. should you want to cancel your service you will need to pay a prorated amount of $175 depending how much time you have left on your contract. bottom line... your phone # is exclusive to at&t until you either cancel your contract or your contract expires.

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    2 Year Contract Extension

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    You can get the phone at the discounted "contract renewal price" now. But that new contract will not begin until the end of the current contract. They allow you the option for the new phone several months prior to the plan ending. This is a way they get you "suckered" into a contract extension. So if you get a discounted phone in August of 2009 and your contract is not up until March 2010, you are signing on with AT&T until March 2012.

  • 7 years ago

    it means that you keep and pay for your new phone

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