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50 Ways to kill Your boredom!!!!! <click here if your bored>?

1. Go door to door with a bag and say, "for $2, i will reach into the suprise bag and pick you out a handy sample of something that may come in handy in your future!" If they accept, give them ONE blade of grass.

2. Go to Wal-Mart and ask the cashier, "Do you have non-fat soap?"

3. Get on a bus. Everytime the bus stops yell, "watch out, car!"

4. Decide your name is horrible and change it to Fern. (or whatever is ugly, no offense if ur name IS fern!"

5. Go around telling people, "i got new socks!"

6. Declare that you no longer speak english and talk in Gibberish.

7. Fake burp in an elevator and point to the guy next to you

8. Fart out a candle

9. Go to a hotel and order socks at a restraunt

10. At the movies, say, "I'll have pancakes"

11. Eat dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and desert for dinner

12. Stand in a corner and drool with a blank expression

13. See how long you can hold your poop in until u take a crap in your pants

14. Start singing a made-up-song called, "be a star". It should go like, "I am good, I am great, I am something to celebrate, Be a STAR!" or something selfish

15. eat like a chimpanzee

16. be a dog

17. dance with your dog

18. Make up a new game where you see who can fart louder

19. Eat everything and anything

20. flush your goldfish(s)

21. Rename your sibling

22. Create an imaginary friend and treat it like a real person (clear a spot in bed, have a seperate toothbrush, have an intire dinner for it)

23. Put, "And 20,000 dollars of mine I will give to my imaginary friend, Ba-huma" in your will. (or not)

24. Have a water drinking competiton (not recomended)

25. Tell the lamest jokes to the guy at Target

26. Sing, "Bingo was his Name-O" 20 times

27. Run around the house until your legs collapse

28. try to break a world record

29. Have a date with a mop. End it with, "Im through with you!" and smack him

30. Dress as the oppostite sex

31. Spend a day as the opposite

32. Make a book called, "The dog ate cream"

33. Make a 30 page essay on farts

34. Perfect your Sponge bob voice

35. Draw a picture of a chaos city

36. Make a silly poem and sing it to the neighborhood (the sillier, the better!)

37. Give your cat a mohawk

38. Give your rabbit a haircut

39. Make a ceramic of your enemy, then smash it

40. Scream and cry out (Loud enough for your neighbors to hear), "I love you Mr. teddy bear!

41. Practice karate and fight a chair

42. Take out everything in the fridge, freezer and pantry and line it up on the floor. Pretend to have a food bootcamp

43. Dicipline your dolls. "Mrs. Duck, why havent you cleaned your pond? and Mr. Elephantie, that trunk of your is a mess!

44. Count your spider veins

45. Watch the grass grow

46. Count grains of sand and give them names

47. Name your nose hairs

48. Name your boogers

49. Make a scrapbook of the worst things you did

50. Create a "unicorn journal" thats really your plans to take over the cookie jar

Lol! I had a blast thinking of these!!!

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    are a genius. so, THANK YOU!

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    51. give lollipops to strangers.

    52. stick slices of bread on people's car antennas.

    53. go to the movies with friends in your pajamas and slippers,

    bring pillows.

    54. call your family/ coworkers and tell hem you are Batman and then hang up.

    55. strap a vegetable to your head like a cucumber or a squash and act like you don't know it's there.

    56. draw a green mustache on your face and give everyone who notices a Tootsie Roll.

    57. carry a can of whipped cream and ask people "would you like whipped cream on that?"

    58. go back to the supermarket 12 times just to buy one apple. For extra fun, wear a different hat each time.

    59. wear a finger puppet and introduce it as your wife/ husband. Make out with it often.

    60. put a candelabra on the hood of your car in a parking lot and stand in front of it reciting Shakespeare.

    61. gel or spray your hair into a big wild mess and walk around like it's really windy, even indoors.

    62. shine a flashlight under your chin and talk in a scary voice during conversations, turn it off when you;re done talking.

    63. wear garlic around your neck and carry a wooden stake.

    64. ring a bell every time someone says "yes"

    65. draw a face on a lemon and have a staring contest with it.

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  • 6 years ago

    Number 24 is deadly. Look up hyponatremia.

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    1 decade ago

    You know what? I'm saving this list and I'm gunna get my cousins at my house and try to complete this list! I'm the type of person that would too lol. We walked around town wearing crazy stuff like batman and superman capes and chicken hats and fluffy scarfs and stuff

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hahaha woow how long did it take u to write this..cuz it took me a while to read um

    i wanna make a list and do like all of these lol

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  • haha i do some of thoes things on a regular basis! :P lol

    like : # 4,5,6,17,22,25,29,40, and 43 :P lol tis a blast indeed! :p lol

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  • damn I was at walmart yesturday I shouldve asked this haha

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  • 1 decade ago

    Haha wow.

    Did you think of ALL of those by yourself...?

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  • 1 decade ago

    haha. Yuo made me smile...Ive had a bad day :(

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  • 1 decade ago

    --Didn't read all of them...but some where pretty interesting!--

    And a star for you!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    lol. love it. very creative, you made ALL of those by yourself? Cool. : )

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