Why did Jesus eat fish after he was resurrected? Do resurrected beings get hungry?

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Luke 24:36-43: 36While they were still talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, "Peace be with you." 37They were startled and frightened, thinking they ...show more
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No, I doubt it. But they are capable of enjoying food. Think about it, you can eat as much of whatever you want without getting fat!
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  • SeeTheLight answered 5 years ago
    He resurrected bodily. He was not only a Sprit then.
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  • DougLawrence answered 5 years ago
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  • reasonfaith answered 5 years ago
    God bless you for acknowledging that Jesus did in fact rise from the grave. Jesus apparently loved to eat according to his critics. This passage is wonderful since we can identify with what the afterlife might be like. It is interesting to note that Jesus uses the term "flesh and bones" and not flesh and blood here. The fact that he clearly states his bones are with him in the resurrection also puts to rest the "bone box" theories or Science Channel's documentary claims that the bones of Jesus were found.
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  • tryin2understand answered 5 years ago
    He had a physical body while on earth and during his discipleship, so he had to take care of it.
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  • ♥Laoise♥ answered 5 years ago
    1. He was bodily resurrected. He hadn't eaten for at three days. His body would have physically been hungry.

    2. Eating was another sign that he was not a ghost. Spirits/Ghosts do not require bodily nutrients. He was attempting to prove to them that he was in fact alive that once was dead, not simply an apparition or spirit.
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  • Brandon answered 5 years ago
    LMAO after he ate the fish did he take a crap in heaven?
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  • the phantom answered 5 years ago
    He not only had a resurrected soul, but a resurrected body as well. His being bodily hungry would not surprise me, or be a cause for doubt.


    One of the tenets of our Christian faith is that at the parousia (the Second Coming of Christ) we will all be bodily resurrected and given new, perfect bodies to go along with our souls, which will be clean and white and pure also. We will all be resurrected just as Christ was, triumphing over death, just as He did. As Paul writes, if this were not so, Christ's dying and being resurrected would have been in vain.

    1 Corinthians 15:14 (Amplified Bible)

    14And if Christ has not risen, then our preaching is in vain [it amounts to nothing] and your faith is devoid of truth and is fruitless (without effect, empty, imaginary, and unfounded).

    1 Corinthians 15:41-43 (Amplified Bible)

    41The sun is glorious in one way, the moon is glorious in another way, and the stars are glorious in their own [distinctive] way; for one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance.

    42So it is with the resurrection of the dead. [The body] that is sown is perishable and decays, but [the body] that is resurrected is imperishable (immune to decay, immortal).(A)

    43It is sown in dishonor and humiliation; it is raised in honor and glory. It is sown in infirmity and weakness; it is resurrected in strength and endued with power.
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  • DerrekJ answered 5 years ago
    He was out of cheeseburgers.
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