What would I need to do to become a CEO from the ground up?

I am currently a high school student, and am thinking about becoming a CEO as a career. What would a position of that type require, education and training wise?

Also, are there any books you would recommend that could help guide me to becoming a CEO? Or maybe just rich and successful in general???


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    CEO's can come from any where. It's not something you study for, or take CEO courses. You become highly proficient in any field of your choosing through education in that field and much experience. You can not graduate from college and be hired as a CEO unless you started your own company and appoint yourself the CEO. CEO's don't all make great pay. Once again. it depends on the company, the product or service you are building or selling. Usually, higher paid CEO's have a variety of different backgrounds, they could start out as lawyers, or doctors then move into the business sector. Companies hire "high paid" CEO's that have numerous degrees and with several experiences in different fields required by the hiring company to move the company in a profitable direction.

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    get real you should graduate from h-s at a very early age-and college by 19 with a masters i know my stepson was a ceo at 24 and he now owns the company at age 42

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    Lots of it.

    No, really. You don't need an MBA, contrary to what people may tell you. While it's good to know business philosophies and practices, it's not vital.

    CEO is not really a career path. A CEO just happens to be the chief executive officer of a given organization or company. That doesn't always mean being a businessman per se. Lots of CEOs are simply people who worked their way up from the bottom.

    Find the field that appeals to you. Science? Technology? Civil engineering? Computers? Look into it, and start working. Unfortunately the position of CEO requires many, many hours of work. It requires being dedicated, innovative and responsible even when you just want to slack off. The media and Hollywood paints CEOs as spoiled old men who like to smoke cigars and play golf, but that's not true. Most CEOs got to their job with a combination of smarts, skill and sweat. If you want to impress your company and maybe lead it one day, you've got to show people you have what it takes---and then some. That also applies if you want to start your own company.

    Being rich and successful is not easy. It's never easy, and don't believe anyone who tells you it is. Are you ready to work 9-12 hours a day, every day, for the next twenty years or so? Yes? Then hit the ground running. You can do it...but you can't give up.

    Source(s): My father is a CEO for a very wealthy company.
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    You have the cart before the horse.

    A CEO is the product of many experiences and roles in which he has always excelled. It is not a job you can simply aspire to like becoming a plumber.

    The only thing you can do is to choose something you love to do (since we are all bad at things we don't like), work hard in that career taking advantage of every opportunity which is offered (like don't turn down a promotion because you don't like to work in Cleveland) and, if you are very lucky, you might finally get to a position in a company somewhere in the area of a CEO. Maybe you can make it and maybe not --- it takes many talents which you don't know you have, or will have.

    But if you tell people that your objective is to become a CEO they will simply laugh at you. You could as easily tell them that you want to become the Tooth Fairy.

    Source(s): I was a high executive in one of the largest corporations in the world.
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