Is it ethical to volunteer at animal shelter that euthanizes or a conflict of principles?

I wanted to volunteer at a local animal shelter. I got the application and talked to one of the staff who was very excited to have someone help them out over the weekend.

When I went home to fill the application out the last question said:

"Animal care and control has been given the unfortunate responsibility to euthanize (humanly destroy) over 58% of the animals impounded at our shelter each year. This can become an emotional and stressful situation even for our own staff. Please write a statement bellow on how you feel about animal euthanasia at animal shelters"

I was horrified!! I got my cat from that shelter 5 years ago because I thought it was a no-kill shelter. I am now conflicted because I am not sure if I should help support a facility that "humanely destroys" animals (there's an oxymoron if there is ever been one!) because I feel that by helping them I am supporting them and aiding them to keep their doors open. I am sure, or at least hope that most people that work there do the "humane destruction" because they feel they have to not because they want to, but I believe that any life is better than no life at all.

Programs like Alley Cat Allies which neuter and spays feral cats and let them go is something I fully support, but killing animals just because a home for them cannot be found sounds horrible.

What are your thoughts?

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    Unfortunately there are a lot of irresponsible pet owners out there who do not spay or neuter their animals. this leae the few shelters there are burdened with animals which they have neither the space or resources to cope with.

    The sad fact is that most shelters rely upon donations and grants to keep their doors open and although they would love to save every animal which comes through, they cannot.

    It is a situation whereby they do what they can to save the few that they can. Having to put down unadoptable animals are a necessary evil. Some animals have medical conditions, behavioral issues or are just to old, too sick or to tempermental to be place in a home. The animal shelter cannot manage these animals indefinately, thus they put them down.

    By volunteering your time to help care for animals you are giving them time and extra hands and freeing up money which they can potentially use to place more animals in loving homes and possibly take in more animals.

    The best thing you can do as an animal lover is give your time to save those few you can and hope your contirbution can make a difference.

    No kill shelters, when faced with unadoptable animals will usually offload them to other shelter who will euthanize. No kill is a misnomer, it just means they will not do it on site,

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    No shelter wants to kill, understand that a majority of the animals that come to the shelter are very sick , and can not be adopted out. Some of these are abandoned or mistreated animals where there injuries and disease it too far advanced. The shelters try to save and adopt out as many as they possible can.

    I believe that alot of the animals aren't adopted out because the fees are too high, for some individuals to pay, when love and companionship comes cheaply. I know some say they have to charge so much to house. Well they would house less if they were affordable and were adopted out.

    I believe that dogs and cats spayed and neutered, but i also believe that it should be the owners choice. I would love to have a carbon copy of our maltese Kacey.

    Most of the animals I have adopted came from a shelter and not a breeder.

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  • 1 decade ago

    What options do they have except to euthanize? Let's face it, we have shelters because many of the dogs/cats that end up there are not wanted. Since the HSUS does not give local shelters any of the money contributed to that organization, local shelters have to go it alone, with the donations from the local public. Those resources are extremely limited. I say volunteer for the good that it does do.

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    1 decade ago

    Euthanizing animals IS ethical. ALmost ALL shelters do this, they have no other choice, but that shouldn't stop you from volunteering and doing your best to take care of the animals, even if some of them are eventually euthanized.

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  • 3 years ago

    With animals who do no longer come across a house, what are they meant to do? permit those animals run unfastened to starve, get injured, killed or abused? close their doors to new animals with extra skill of being observed as a results of fact they're thoroughly full of animals human beings do no longer want? as long as they're euthanized humanely, which they're except the area nevertheless makes use of gas chambers, i do no longer likely see an argument previous elementary puppy overpopulation as a results of fact many human beings do no longer spay or neuter their pets. I volunteer at my community humane society, it supplies animals the suited shot conceivable by way of particular activities, shifting, featuring in the information stations/papers, and that's no longer uncommon for animals to be stored for over a month, despite if it can not save them consistently waiting, fantastically as a results of fact of area considering that we settle for each animal introduced in, so inevitably some are humanely euthanized. sure its unhappy, yet i've got self assurance that's top that they have got a non violent dying fairly than stay poorly on the streets, in a foul living house, or in the look after their finished lives. i know i could fairly die peacefully than stay a useful that for an prolonged time. What with regards to the canines that have bitten? Or have habit matters that lead them to risky and a criminal duty to whoever owns them? ought to they no longer be humanely euthanized? additionally, the unhappy reality approximately many "no-kill" shelters is they do no longer kill, yet after awhile they are going to circulate their unadopted pets to different shelters, ones which will euthanize it. As a humane society volunteer, sure it saddens me while i think of that an animal is going to be euthanized, yet i think of its a needed ingredient that for the period of extremely some situations is larger for the animals in the tip.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's a personal choice. I would fall in love with the animals on first sight and would be devastated when they were killed, so it wouldn't work for me to volunteer there, but that is up to you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    what? lol

    So neuter and spay them and let them go?

    How is that humane? So you let them go in to the elements to die alone and hungry? But killing them humainly is wrong?

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, but who would pay for them all?

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