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Where did the GOP go wrong in 2008?

What happened?

California, Florida, and Arizona all banned gay marriage and Arkansas banned gay adoption. We clearly haven't become more liberal on social issues.

But on economic issues, did the GOP blink when they shouldn't have?

I think that if McCain and GOP incumbents had forcefully opposed this bailout, they could have isolated themselves from George Bush and maybe even tacitly tied Bush and Obama together to special interests. Could McCain have won if he strongly, forcefully opposed the bailout-boondoggle?

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    The GOP went wrong by thinking that the normal vetting of candidates would be done by the media. They thought the media would investigate candidates and present the public with real information. They didn't. Instead the biased media presented an extremely lopsided view point; favoring Obama. It was a hard sell since 5 networks except for FOX were all in the tank for Obama. If the information doesn't get out, how are people to make an educated, knowledgeable decision on a candidate? Many people didn't jump on their computers to research the candidates, they listened to TV.

    Truth about Obama's background, associates, and other lies were changed and presented as negative and fear mongering campaigning by the GOP. Although, if people researched Obama, they would have known the truth instead of falling for words. Polls done by the MSM also were inflated to make Republicans and others think it was going to be a landslide victory...but it hardly that. There were so many in the tank for Obama, that it was tough to get information about the GOP out there, although Sarah helped. Yet, look at the vicious attacks on her and Joe the Plumber. That was done to keep the spotlight off truths Obama from being aired or published.

    I don't particularly believe the media polls about President George Bush either. I know to many that believed in him and how he has always put country first. The media attacked him unmercifully during his time in office. Yet, they haven't done anything to attack Obama's lack of records or eligibility, and this guy hasn't accomplished anything.

    The economics problem added insult to injury for the GOP, even though the GOP wasn't really responsible for the downturn in the economy. I, for one, was extremely surprised that McCain was in favor of the bailout..I wasn't. Yet, I assumed they had more information on the subject than what the public was permitted to know. I did expect more would come out about the Dobbs, Frank, and Pelosi involvement regarding Fannie and Freddie, as well as Obama. But it didn't. It was swept under the rug.

    McCain didn't do that poorly if one considers that he was outspent 4 to 1, didn't get media attention, or if he did it was negative, and newspapers didn't investigate Obama. He has nothing to be ashamed of nor does the GOP as far as I am concerned.

    It was a bought and paid for campaign by Obama. Well orchestrated, star-making, image producing, marketing made a sham of a man into a winner. Unfortunately, the losers are those that were taken in by the shameless hype. I pray our country doesn't lose because of the blatant collusion.


    Sam: Your statement McCain had people at his rallies yelling "terrorists", "Muslim" and "kill him" about Obama" was a lie perpetrated by some Obama reporter. The FBI looked into that and on recordings of the events NOTHING WAS HEAR. One reporter started that and it sure caught on.

    Do you think it was really "Adult" of Obama to attack Joe the Plumber for asking a question? Obama attacked Joe the next day, questioning his license, and his background. Why? Because Obama wanted to sway the masses away from his own gaffe...that being "spread the wealth around." It worked, the mindless went along with it. Sarah just said it as it was, that Joe asked about it and said "Isn't that socialism." How many people did the "Adult" Obama throw under the bus during the campaign? Let's see, Reverend Wright, Ayres, and even his own grandmother! The Adult Obama didn't even have a funeral for his grandmother who brought him up and paid for much of his education.

    Do tell me which one from the GOP was a childish smear tactic used by the GOP? I would like to know. Name calling...such an example? And you are calling Sarah Palin an extremist and uneducated too...yet she has more executive experience than Biden and Obama put together. Where are you getting your limited information? Sarah didn't confuse people at all...she helped educate them as to Obama's agenda. To bad she wasn't out there in the public longer.

    Landslide victory...nope, that was the hype...but didn't happen. Or perhaps I am wrong, and you can provide an article where that was written.


    Money can buy an election. Obama raised a record-breaking $650 million to win the White House. Compare that to what McCain received — $85 million — from federal financing. If Obama did not have such a huge money advantage, it is doubtful that he would have snatched the nomination from Hillary Clinton, let alone the White House from McCain.

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    The GOP has been going wrong for the last eight years. The simple fact is that McCain was the wrong candidate as was evidenced by the many Republicans who expressed either that they would vote for the opposition, would vote third party, or not at all. The GOP abandoned their core values and raided the American purse for 6 years this coupled with the Bush rubber stamp was a recipe for disaster. Frankly I doubt that any Republican could have won the Presidency, but they certainly were not going to do it with a centrist candidate who has in many cases out Democrated the Democrats. Face facts, McCain has just been on the wrong side of too many issues for the liking of many Republicans. So the lesson should now be clear after the last two elections, but we will see if the party leadership is paying attention between now and 2010. The House maybe headed in the right direction, but the current crop in the Senate are lost causes.

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    Looking back, they chose the wrong candidates. If this was 2000 all over again, McCain should have been the nominee, he would have probably won and he wouldn't have been running again in 2008. McCain, to his credit, is probably a nice guy, has a great sense of humor, but it just did not come off that way this year. He was up against a different kind of Democratic candidate and didn't know to respond.

    Chosing Palin was another mistake. After the initial glow wore off, people began to see her for what she was and cringed at the thought of her possibly becoming president.

    They always had the yoke of Bush around their necks. No matter how far they tried to distance themselves, Bush and the issue of Bush would not go away. They could not run on his record and running as far away as they could didn't help either. They were trapped between a rock and a hard place.

    The economy tanking at the most opportune moment didn't help, but this was just a Democratic year and no matter who the Republicans nominated, it would have been tough to beat the Democrats.

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    I do not think that McCain's position on the economy was what kept him from being elected. I think there was a number of reasons. In my opinion the hype over change is mainly what did it. No matter what the issues were American voters just wanted a change.

    Regardless of how much we may hate it there needs to be a certain amount of help directed to the automaker industry. There is just too much at stake for our government to let them go. I do believe there needs to be some re-structuring and some demands made by the government to lend this money. It should contain strict rules with extreme penalties towards the corporate executives.

    I do not think this election we got the the change we need. Now we are stuck with a president that has little political experience. He ran on a campaign of change then filled his cabinet up with allot of former Clintonites. He promised to cut spending now says they will have to spend six times more than he campaigned on.

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    It would not have mattered who the GOP put up as nominee. The past 8 years of one Bush failure and/or lie after another has soured the country as a whole on the GOP. Change was needed, change was desired, change was inevitable. Also the fact that such a weak candidate in McCain and an even weaker VP in Palin was the best the GOP could counter with.

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    Moderates on both sides of the aisle believe in a political ideal that is not espoused by either party: Social liberalism and financial conservatism. Basically, you want the government to butt out of your personal life, but to be fiscally responsible so you can prosper financially. And, the recent Republican administration has demonstrated that they can do neither. So, by default, the Democrats won.

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    Bush and GOP leaders in the congress thought that if they just kept their evangelical base happy by opposing abortion and gay marriage, they could spend money and expand government as much as they wanted.

    they forgot all about fiscal conservatism.

    Look at John McCain: one of the most fiscally responsible fiscally conservative senators in congress had to suck up to the religious right because they were worried about his commitment to abortion and gay marriage issues. All his credentials on foreign and military policy and fiscal issues didn't mean squat to the evangelical hardliners who control much of the nomination process.

    Meanwhile, moderates, and Reagan democrats who cared about economic issues were brushed aside and ignored.

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    Are you kidding? The economy albeit the housing market is in shambles, the price of crude oil rose above $147 a barrel, the auto industry took a nosedive, many banks no longer exist, Wall Street is in shambles, etc. I am not saying the Republicans are to blame, but I am saying that this wasn't the Republicans' election to win. Rather, it was the Democrats' election to lose. No candidate in the Republican party would have won this election.

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    when McCain insane brought Palin from Alaska. also, the GOP has a lot of religious affiliates that try to rot out minds with nonsense. also, the 2011 GOP nominees were a joke. good luck with rebranding your name elephants.

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    I think the American people are sick and tired of negative campaigns. All we've seen coming from the Republicans for the past decade is negativity. Bush ran back to back campaigns where all he did was bash his opponent and rarely promoted his ideas. McPalin tried to do that to Obama but he took the high road and focused on issues while Palin was only campaign in "pro-American cities". McCain had people at his rallies yelling "terrorists", "Muslim" and "kill him" about Obama. If you were undecided which side would you vote for? The side that's talking about helping 95% of Americans and acting like adults on the campaign trail? Or the side that rarely brought up issues, focused on childish smear tactics, name calling and used an uneducated right wing extremist from Alaska to hopefully confuse people into voting for them.

    This election was won by Obama and lost by McCain. We know this due to the landslide victory for Obama.

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