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The bailout is now at 8.5 trillion dollars... Couldn't the CITIZENS of this country have spent that better?

The total cost of the bailout is now reaching 8.5 TRILLION dollars.

According to the 2007 IRS Data Book, there are approximately 138 million taxpayers.

If the government would have bailed out the American people, each taxpayer would have received $61,594.20.

Wouldn't that have stimulated the economy? If they had given that to the people, would the people be able to pay their mortgages and their bills preventing much of this mess? Couldn't we have used that money buying cars from the "Big 3" helping their businesses?


I DID vote for Ron Paul.... And I have the "Don't blame me... I voted for RON PAUL" sticker on my car....


Update 2:


"the value of the dollar could have gone down"

Do you realize that the dollar has lost 96% of it's value since 1913...

Google that year.... find the significance of it.

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    People like you, who notice things like that, must continue to inform the rest of us who are not as informed. We have all been fooled and tricked in every way by the very people we have appointed to protect us. There are OBVIOUSLY a lot of things wrong with this country and even more the "Government" does not want us to know. Don't let them silence us.

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    Though I would have loved the money, it would actually have caused chaos. Not only would businesses raise their prices, but the value of the dollar could have gone down. Also there would be no guarantee that that money would have been spent in the way the government would want people to spend it. A lot of immigrants send money home to their families and they would have definitely have done that, so that would not have gone to stimulating the economy at all.

    I don't think the government should have bailed anyone out.

    It would have been nice to have that money.

    I voted Nader. Ron Paul is scary.

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    Although I agree that the bailout plan sucks and I am totally against it...on the flip side, those "big businesses" are what make our economy go round. Not that I think we should do the bailout-I think it's a horrible plan. But you can't say screw big businesses either. Plus, if the government gave all that money to the American people, most of them would end up in more debt. Americans spend more than what they have and can't wait until tomorrow. Maybe we need to start taking some responsibility for our own actions before we point our fingers at others....

    P.S. I know this will not be the popular vote, but someone has to say it, LOL

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    They should have learned their lesson after the 700 billion dollar bail out did nothing. Or what would have been even better was to listen to the people after they denied the first passing of the bail out. Now the bail out is equal to the GDP for an entire year: add a 500 billion dollar economic stimulus on the way. America is bankrupting themselves. The only way out of this problem is to admit the mistake in the first place. Return to sound monetary policy and non intervention. America has lost its role as police man of the world.

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    Personally, I'm just pissed off about those big parties those CEOs were throwing after the first bail-out plan was passed.

    That REALLY burned me.

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    Extremely good point. I never thought of it that way. I just realized how bullshit the bail out is. Thanks dude, you're totally right. **** big businesses.

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