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EXTREMELY hard time in school... meaning I'm failing all of my classes?

So I'm a sophomore in high school and for some reason I can literally NEVER concentrate. I just started getting home schooled this year because I wanted to see if my grades would go up. The problem with my grades in public school were caused by too many distractions. This year, I have no distractions whatsoever and I'm still getting distracted! I don't have ADD or ADHD (I don't think). But anyway, I'm failing all of my classes and I'm really far behind in all my classes as well. This obviously isn't good because I want to go to college, but they won't accept a student who failed all the way through high school. :( I really don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    I have your same problem. Now i go to an alternative school where there are 3 teachers to 7 students. and there are 20+ desks and like 15 computers. so everyone is spaced out. i still get distracted but i am doing much better because it is 1-on-1 with the teacher. Try to see if your school offers alternative schooling, you still get credits you just cant take electives like tech-ed or music. but you should be able to do art. If your school does offer it make sure to get in the office and talk to your principal about it. tell them you think you will do much better there because it is more 1-on-1.

    But beware, my 8th grade year i was failing everything, i had a .28 gpa. then i went to the alternative school and i passed with flying colors. So they thought i was doing better, so they put me back in regular schooling. Again i failed everything, i even had a 0% in English. So im back in the alternative schooling again for all of my high school career.

    And if your school has this program in your district then its absolutely free, if they recommend a school outside the district its a private corrections school and could cost $20,000 a year. But there is a good chance that if they recommend it that they have reserved spots there and it will cost you nothing.

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    You can ask your parents to have you tested for ADD/ADHD, and then you'll know.

    I don't think homeschooling is right for you. I think you need more experienced help than you can get at home. Does your school district have an alternative high school that you can attend, or special programs within a regular high school that can help you? I feel you need help not necessarily with the material being taught, but you actually need help to learn *how* to study. How to read the material. How to get organized. And these things are learned! You can be taught these things, if you're willing to try. But you can't do it on your own, or while you're homeschooled. You need to call in the pros. You need a real tutor.

    Do your parents have any money? You may benefit from a private tutoring center, or some other sort of help.

    If you can figure out what the core issues are - ADD/ADHD or a lack of study skills or both - you can get help, and address those issues. If you address those issues, you can then bring your grades up. If you can bring your grades up, you can go to college.

    But if you don't get help, you're lost. So ask for the help you need. Start with your parents, your doctors, and your old guidance counsellor at your old school.

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    You write well and had enough concentration to write this question. Don't take any drugs!! Talk to a naturopath.

    Talk to your school counsellor and perhaps do high school in one extra year. Good luck... you sound like a devoted student.

    Illiminate all distractions (TV, computer, iPods, etc. ) Lack of concentration is a learned reponse, I'd say so new learning is required. I be you can concentrate on things you like ( a 2 hour movie fo example?)? Good luck, dear!

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    Hey hun, I had the same problem in high school. If you don't know for sure, as in 100% you don't have ADD or ADHD then I would talk to your doctor. I felt that I didn't have it till after I talked to my mother who did have ADAH and after talking with a doctor found out I had ADD. It wouldn't hurt to go talk to the doc, even if its not ADD or ADHD then at least they can help you figure out whats causing you to become unfocused in school. Hang in there hun!

    Good Luck!


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    ok. drugs (by which i mean prescription) aren't the answer. never will be. if you never been told that you have ADD/ADHD before, you most likely never will. you just hate being bored, as far as i can tell. join a sport that requires super concentration, and use that as practice for your studies. Go out and have fun, so that you won't be bored anymore and maybe then, you can enjoy learning new things. try it out.

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    How do you know you don't have ADD or ADHD? Have you been tested? Have you gone to a professional for help? That is what you need to do. And if your parents care about you and your future, that is what they will encourage you to do.

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    You should go to a doctor and get tested for ADD or ADHD. I have it i was diagnosed when i was alittle girl.

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    Same problem. You do have ADHD/ADD. Even if you don't, get adderall. Get it prescription from your doctor. It will make you concentrate, also if you're heavy-set, it will make you lose weight.

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    Suck it up and work harder. Anyone can go to college if they are willing to put the work into it.

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