Is it OK to feed baby products that have honey as an ingredient?

I know that we are to avoid giving honey to babies until they are at least a year old, but can they eat things that have honey as an ingredient? I am guessing it is OK, but want to be certain.


I only ask because my MIL gave my 9 month old daughter honey nut cherrios on her snack table over the weekend. She told me that the baby liked them, so I debated getting some for home. I guess I won't...thanks for the input.

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    Its raw honey really you have to avoid.

    raw honey can give a baby Infant Botulism .

    Yes, honey can cause infant botulism. Honey is a known source of bacterial spores that produce Clostridium botulinum bacteria. When ingested by infants, these bacteria make a toxin that can cause infant botulism, a rare and serious form of food poisoning. For this reason, infants under 12 months of age should never be fed honey.

    Infant botulism affects a baby's nervous system and can result in death. Most babies with infant botulism, however, do recover. Signs and symptoms of infant botulism include:

    Persistent constipation

    Floppy arms, legs and neck

    Weak cry due to muscle weakness

    Weak sucking and poor feeding

    Tired all the time (lethargy)

    Difficulty breathing

    Botulism spores may also be found in low-acid home-canned foods and corn syrup. For this reason, you should avoid feeding these foods to infants.

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    I wouldn't give a baby any product that has raw honey in it. I think the issue is with honey is salmonella so I'm pretty sure that something with honey as an ingredient (ie honey bunches of oats cereal) wouldn't do any harm. For me, I don't give my child anything that I have to second guess if it's okay for them or not.

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    There is a big debate whether high heat or drying out honey renders it safe. The answer is that its not 100% and while the risks are very low why take the risk at all?

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    Let me rewrite your question that wil make it clear.

    I know that arsenic is bad for babies, so I wouldn't give it to my kid, but what about an arsenic milkshake, as it is only an ingredient? I'm sure that would be fine.

    Really, honey is honey. Whether the kid eats it straight or glazed on cheerios, it is bad. Don't do it.

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    I would just play it safe and not give the baby anything with honey in it until he/she is a year old.

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    try not to give your baby anything with honey just because you want to wait til they are one yr old. even if some company makes something for babies to eat before dont try it. Play it safe.

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    no. it reasons botulism. botulinus intoxication is a uncommon yet serious paralytic ailment led to via botulinum toxin, it quite is produced via the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The toxin enters the physique in a single of four approaches: via colonization of the digestive tract via the bacterium in toddlers (infant botulism) or adults (person intestinal toxemia), via ingestion of toxin from foodstuffs (foodborne botulism) or via an infection of a wound via the bacterium (wound botulism).[a million] All types bring about paralysis that sometimes starts off with the muscular tissues of the face and then spreads in direction of the limbs.[a million] In extreme types, it leads to paralysis of the respiration muscular tissues and reasons respiration failure. In view of this life-threatening difficulty, all suspected situations of botulism are taken care of as medical emergencies, and public wellness officers are often in contact to stay away from extra situations from an analogous source.[a million]

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    I would completely avoid honey, it can cause Infant Botulism.

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    I would say no.

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