What do I do against my girlfriend ex-boyfriend trying to contact me? Any laws? Police?

My girlfriend was in a 10 year relationship prior to us but her ex boyfriend just keeping coming back trying to contact me to tell me lies about them. We have been together for 2 years now…

Time frame about him:

DEC 2006: 3 months into my relationship with my girl he found out about us and somehow got my phone number. He kept coming me to tell me lies about them being together. But we figured to tell him that we broke up….

DEC 2006 – OCT 2008: He kept bothering her throughout the next 1 ½ years and not knowing we were together…..

OCT 2008: he found out about us still being together and he started to call me almost every day but I wouldn’t answer until I had him blocked.

NOV 2008: Now we believe he has broken into her email account (can’t proof it) and he knows all my information from birthday to my personal numbers and address and relatives address. He email today about more lies and that he is going to show up at my home address or relative’s house to try to talk to me so I keep blocking his number. He just wants me to threaten him so he can take action against me but I promise I would keep it cool but I am afraid he is going to get my family in involved.

About him: according to my girl, he’s got mental issues and wants her money. He lives in another state and acording to his email, if I don't reply to his email he will show up in my state

Can the police do anything about this? I need ideas.

Someone told me that if he doesn’t threaten me I can’t do anything about it. He wants to talk to me so he could tell me lies but I don’t want to talk to him. I have tried to ignore him but he figures other way to contact me.


My girlfriend doesn't call or email him and has rapidly asked him to stop contacting her. Her father even told him to stop contact her but he doesnt get it. He doesn't stop but she in the process of getting a restraining order today.

Update 2:

He can't contact me through the phone anymore but used too because I have him blocked. Today, he email (will not reply). He also has my home and parent's address

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    You don't state how he contacts you but if by telephone, in my state, it's called "Harassing Communication." If in public..."Harassment."

    You can contact the police and file a complaint. Because it's a misdemeanor offense...YOU have to sign a warrant to get him arrested. This is because if it's not witnessed by an officer, they are prohibited by law from signing a warrant themselves!

    Once this person has seen you're not playing games with his harassment anymore...it'll put a quick stop to future problems!

    Source(s): Police Officer +30 years
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    It is pretty obvious.... your girlfriend is staying in contact with the ex.

    So the guy thinks that showing up will win her back. What can he possibly do.

    You need to do what you have to do as odds are she is playing a game. If not all must be understood and you proceed together as anything with the police will take joint participation.

    Your girl is the base problem not this other guy.

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    She's calling you since she cares about you. The hardest thing is maintaining a friendship after a breakup- it may be a complicated factor to handle- and simplest primarily mature persons are ready to make it work. Despite the fact that, the best way you describe the drawback- it sounds like she is not very mature- why would you call simply to speak about a new BF? Oftentimes not determining up the mobilephone- giving time a second to heal is the right factor to do if you truly wish to be pals.

  • Get a no contact or restraining order through the county court, if you feel that you are in danger. If you have the resources you may look into "Personal Protection Services", if there is a threat.

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    Unless he threatens her really there is nothing the police can do, some places you can get peace bond through the court system to keep him away, still the best thing to do would be to call your local police non emergency line and ask for an officer to come by to speak about this issue.


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    Repeated unnecessary and harassing communications could be a basis for a temporary restraining order. Cross-state service and jurisdiction may be an obstacle to enforcement of any order though.

    Why don't you change all your e-mail accounts, passwords etc.? If harassing communications persist, try for a temporary restraining order against him.

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    Get a restraining order... if you have asked him to stop contacting you and/or trying to contact you and he continues it is considered harassment...

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    Stalking is the crime or get an injunction for protection at your local courthouse.

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