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How to flirt??????????????????????????

Please give me some easy ones to pull?So I can feel sexy and get the guy of my dreams?

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    well when you see him bump into him n make him think it was an accident. then appoligize n ask him for his name then ask if you can walk with him to class.... good luck with your guy and dont b shy have confidence and if he dont like you dont get sad there are other guys that r probably after you but have the same issue you have an dnt want to admit it.... ttyl tcb!

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    I cannot believe I am saying this, but if you lower your chin and look up at him with your eyes only and then give him a little smile, he feels all big and tall and attractive. Wow, they really go for that. It's sweet and subtle without all that dropping scarves, winking, and junk. Oh, and just be yourself--I know it's a tired saying, but nothing beats that for real. Good Luck!

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    Well you can post a message on YA! asking guys how to flirt.... then when they respond you can message them.

    It seems to work.

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    It should come naturally to you. If your thinking about it too much, you'll come across as really fake... not good!

    Just act in a way that feels right, and be yourself!

    help me with mine?;_ylt=AuX_s...

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