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do most black female celebrities wear a weave?

or lace front wig? what about white women?

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    Most famous people what ever colour wear them at some point - beyonce,paris hilton,tyra banks,venessa hudgens,nicole richie! It depends on the look their Going for most black women do get weaves though coz their hair sometimes stops growing at a certain lenght or is hard to maintain coz of the texture but so do white women my hairs not straight not curly its horrible i wish i had affro type hair coz theirs so much u can do with it relaxers all them cool plats id also love long straight silky hair lol!

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    the person above me is an idiot

    beyonce wears LOTS of weave and shes light. Kenya Moore doesn't wear nearly as much and shes dark.

    Anyways, most celebrities in general wear weaves

    Source(s): stfu your white! beyonce is light.
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    to idiot above

    beyonces not light skinned sorry but then wat wud that make me

    yes black( including half, quarter etc) celebritys do wear weaves normally

    white celebrity s normally wear extensions for volume

  • most dark skinned women, yes for length sometimes volume. most famous light skinned women, yes for volume.

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