W14: Play Larry Johnson, Steven Jackson or Warrick Dunn?

Larry Johnson is up against Denver

Warrick Dunn is up against Car


Steven Jackson is up against Arizona


Im leaning towards Dunn because if StL or KC start off the game badly, they're going to continue to throw it instead of running it.

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    Larry Johnson would be first and then Jackson.

    Larry exploded against Denver earlier this year. One thing I would keep an eye on is the weather. They are playing in Mile High and it could possible snow. Jackson could get some touches but If Arizona goes up early then STL will be playing catch up and they will have to pass.

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    To the contrary, Dunn is the first you should eliminate. He'll be going up against a Carolina defense that is in the middle of the pack when it comes to Rushing Yards allowed, but have only allowed 10 rushing touchdowns all season. That's less than one per game. Combine this with the resurgence of 'Cadillac' Williams, and you simply can't start him.

    This leaves you with Larry and Jackson. Conventional wisdom would say they should finish within a point or two of each other this week, but for my money, I would start Johnson. Jackson is the better back but Johnson will be running against a Denver defense that is the fifth worst in rushing yards allowed and has allowed 17 rushing touchdowns this season.

    Start Johnson. If not, start Jackson. But do not start Dunn. He's too much of a risk this week.

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    I'm a Chief's fan, so I may be a bit biased. But Larry Johnson went off for 200+ yards and 2 TD's against Denver in their first meeting. I was there and enjoyed every minute of it. Dunn vs. Carolina is a terrible matchup, and Arizona is strong against the run. Thigpen has opened things up for the Chiefs, so I think Larry Johnson is a must start in this game against a terrible Denver rush D.

  • heil
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    3 years ago

    nicely you would be able to desire to circulate with Steven Jackson if he's enjoying. i could probably start up Staton even against Ten, yet could play Larry Johnsong vs SD over Sammy Morris vs Oak. whether Sammy has a stable day via his standards which potential at maximum 8-10 touches. New England passes too lots and has a crowded backfield. i could circulate with; Steven Jackson Steve Slaton Larry Johnson

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dunn has the toughest matchup and Williams stole a TD last week. Don't play him with theother options you have.

    Of the other two, I'd start LJ against Denver's porous run defense. S-Jax has been too inconsistent this year.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Def. Larry Johnson... Denver Rush D is awful... Larry will have a field day. Start LJ!

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