Resume with 0 References No Experience?

I'm having trouble finding work, and I'm wondering if I should get rid of all my work experience. Why? For various reasons I can't give any job references:

Uncle: Doesn't like me. Family breakdown.

Grandparents: Ditto.

Aunt: Altzheimers.

Highschool coop: They don't remember me; it was 5 years ago.

Camp counselor: (Of all my jobs, this is the only one I screwed up on. I was a really bad worker here.)

Wendy's: This really upsets me. I worked here for 19 months, 60 hour weeks, minimum wage, closing shifts. I got Employee of the Month. A new manager comes in right before I quit and she hates me and ALWAYS blackballs me. I know it's illegal, but she does.

University: My boss, maternal leave. And I don't want to use her if I'm applying for some crappy job; it'd be embarasing.

*I'm also a fugly duckling that most people find cold or unbalanced. I'm a very good worker, but I'm also an oddball. I'm afraid of what these people might say about me, just because I'm "different". They might stretch the truth.

Anyway, should I get rid of all my work experience? I have a College Diploma, highschool education, and.. Portfolio of work. Would that be better than listing a lot of experience with no references?

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    References and job history are two different things. I believe that, in the U.S. at least, that if a potential employer calls a former employer, they can only verify the time for which you worked there, and possibly if you were fired or left on your own. So I'd only eliminate jobs you were fired from. In the situation with Wendy's, I'd list the previous manager as your supervisor if you worked under them longer than the new one that disliked you. You've worked, and it would be a far stretch to completely wipe your work history and pretend like you haven't worked. Scratch off the weakest links and make sure to push your education.

    As for references, never be ashamed to ask someone to be your reference, even for what you may think is a crumby job. Use people you may have worked with on big projects in college. I used to use my best friends parents because they could speak honestly of my character. I'm sure there's someone that can acknowledge that you're a hard worker.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like you have put a huge effort into analyzing all your negative attributes. How about turning that analzying ability now on the good stuff?

    If you have friends from anywhere, work included, you can use them as references. Just talk to them first, you can fudge things a bit to make it sound better.

    The main thing is to be really assertive, for instance, offer to work a week for free just to show how great you are, stuff like that. Show some "chutzpah". Stop talking about how "fugly" you are and how "different" you are. It spreads psychically like a virus. Makes people pull away with an "eww!"...

    Sounds like you walk in there with the attitude "I know I'm a loser, but can I have a job?"

    If you don't want to touch yourself, then I don't either. After all, you are the authority on yourself!

    Good luck!

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    I have a few jobs that i pretend never happened that employers don't know about, its not illegal so no harm will come to you. I would just put down all the good things you have done like college, and your Portfolio.

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    I like your question. Don't feel sad. Just pray. I would say use me as a reference, but you don't know me. You can anyway if you want. If you have friends or other family use them. If not, use me. I care.

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    I think so. Hey if you want. You can give me some info on you and I'll give you my contact info and I'll give you a good reference. lol.

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