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what happened to the Nazis DURING WORLD WAR 2 ?

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    Hello. The Nazis were defeated in the end. I'll explain some main points.


    On September 8, 1939, Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland. This is generally accepted as the beginning on World War II. The 'lightning war' against France and other small states was very efficient and they were overwhelmed relatively fast. England however, was reluctant to surrender and the battle of Britain took place. Stuka bombers, protected by the fighter Messerschmidt were very dangerous to encounter, particularly due to the pilots experience. This ultimate German airforce was named the Luftwaffe. Several Luftwaffe bases were stationed in Normandy and one in Denmark, which carried out the attacks. England defended fiercely, and the spit-fire was a key contributor to stopping the Axis bombings. They were slightly more manouverable, with greater firepower and speed.


    Operation Barbarossa was launched on December 18, 1940, which consisted of invading Soviet Russia. The relationship between Stalin and Hitler was reasonably stable at the time, and both countries had agreed upon being neatural parties. A declaration of war was uneccessary, exposing Germany to conflict on the Eastern front, and decreasing their military dominance from other issues in the West. The city of Lenin was besieged for 600 days, with other contigents heading to Moscow and Stalingrad. The crippling cold of minus 46 degrees really affected the SS, an elite Nazi squad. They were ill-prepared for the demoralizing winter weather, and thousands died. A Kremlin counter-assualt in late 1941 was successful in removing German troops. Soon enough, Hitler adopted a defensive stance, attempting to hold borders with fortifications or block off Soviets. A lack of supply was a disastrous problem. Some SS members had to 'cannabilse' tanks just to get ammunition, because they were so isolated from assistance.

    North Africa, Sicily, Italy:

    Contrary to popular belief, there was a method to Hitler's madness. His plan encompassed the talented Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel. The bet was that Rommel would become victorious in North Africa with the specially trained desert force "Afrika Korps". Their primary objective was to capture the Suez Canal, which was the United Kingdom's lifeline. England relied on the importation of raw materials for war production, but also food, infantry and vehicles to secure themselves. Most of these supplies came from their great empire in the pacific and South-East Asia. If Rommel could cut the canal, then Britain's deliveries would become seriously delayed. The "Afrika Korps" would also provide support to the last remnants of the Italian tenth army, who were defeated by Sir Archibald Wavell and General Richard O'Connor. Eventually they would move briskly through the Middle East and seize valuable natural resources in oil-rich regions like Iraq. The regiments would then meet with the Blitzkrieg Russian offensive near Georgia. Fortunately for the British, they held their position and pushed the Nazis back from Libya slowly. Rommel used full resistance but was unable to capitalise. It was a gradual process, but the Allies were able to gain control. Several battles took place, where both sides attempted to surround eachother, but were ineffective in doing so. The "Afrika Korps" lost ground rapidly until having to retreat from Tunisia to Sicilian territory. Sicily was soon landed upon and declared an Allied possession by August 17, 1943. Italy followed, with Italy officially falling on May 2, 1945.


    In that same month, 1945, the Soviets, Brits and Americans had diminished most forms of Axis authority. D-Day was essential in claiming the Western Coast of France and bringing the war to a close quickly. Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide in their bunker, when the Allies were 800m away from apprehending him. Very soon the global conflict ceased, with the degradation of the Third Reich and the Nazi Dictator deceased.

    Glad to help.

    Source(s): My knowledge.
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    The Nazis had told the German people that the people of eastern Europe were untermensch, or racially inferior, and that they were saving Germany (and Europe) from the Bolsheviks and the Jews.

    Germany invaded Russia in 1941, and partly due to the stupidity and paranoia of the Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, the Germans came quite close to taking Moscow and Russia out of what had become a world war. Germany, under Hitler's stupid and paranoid leadership, repeated the very same mistake it had made in the Great War (or the First World War) - fighting a war on two fronts.

    Once the Germans could no longer beat the Russians, and the tide had turned, the Red Army took back most of eastern Europe by the fall of 1944. Millions had to die in order to achieve this, and once the Red Army smashed down the defenses of Berlin the war was over for the Nazis in April, 1945.

    Lessons to be learned:

    1. The masses should never trust stupid and paranoid dictatators, whether they be National Socialists or Communists.

    2. When a nation fights a war on two fronts - defeat is inevitable.

    3. Far from saving eastern Europe from Communism, by late 1945 Russia was in the position to dominate this area for a further 50 years. The Nazis had failed by enslaving those they conquered rather than setting them free and rallying them against Stalin's communist dictatorship.

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    During WW2, they lived very happy lives. In 1945, when it became obvious to even the most obtuse person on the block that Germany was about to get smashed.

    Hitler's anger killed people who he thought were planning to make peace. Goebbels committed suicide with his wife and children, and others made plans to escape to South America or other places where they would not be found.

    Israel now has a group that tried to track down these escaped Nazis. The most famous captured Nazi was Adolf Eichmann or Dr. Death. It will stop because most of the escaped Nazis will have died.

    About 20 top Nazis were captured and were tried at Nuremberg for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Most were sentenced to death or life imprisoment. An article on the Nuremberg Trials is at Wikipedia.

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    Many fled the country,but several went on trial at Nuremberg (the Nuremberg Trials ).In addition to several groups that carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity,there were over 20 Nazi officials that also went on trial.Some were hanged,and some were imprisoned.Most of those who fled the country were later hunted down by the Jewish Nazi hunters.

    Source(s): Google.Just type in Nuremberg trials.
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    the NAZIS were members of the Nazi party ruled Germany from about 1933 were the Leaders of Germans

    The true NAZIS were people Like Hitler Boreman Hess Himler Goballs Ickeman all part of the inner Circle and could do anything they wanted Usually something to satisfy the Fuhrer as every soldier swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler

    in 1945 these top NAZIS and their supportive Underlings either Committed Suicide or were Tried For war crimes or escaped to South America and took Billions in Gold Bar with them Argintina Brazil were 2 of their favorites

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    You're KIDDING... right? Do you have ANY IDEA just how long that answer would be? it's WAY beyond a one sentence answer here on answers... when it takes SEVERA THOUSAND BOOKS to answer it.

    Simply put.. the NAZIS LOST THE WAR.

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    i know that at the end of the war , most german officers were taken through the concentration camps and made to look at what they had done and Eisenhower told his men to shoot them it they looked down or turned away .

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    How long have you got?

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