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help me to know about them.?

please tell me a complete bio about cinema bizarre & the members? no link , no site! just write here please.

i can't search it.because iran has a perfect completely filtering for most of foreigner sites .

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    Cinema Bizarre is a German rock band from Berlin. The group members met in 2005 at an anime convention. They formed a band, incorporating elements of glam rock, gothic rock, new wave, and visual kei.[1] They signed to Island Records and released their debut album in 2007, which is a hit in Germany and Austria.

    The group was a finalist to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with the song "Forever or Never", but was not chosen.

    On the 28th of November, 2008, Luminor announced on his Myspace profile that he had to leave Cinema Bizarre. He said this departure was due to health issues, as his condition (unknown to the public) had rapidly declined.


    Background information

    Origin Berlin, Germany

    Genre(s) Glam rock

    Power pop

    visual kei

    gothic rock

    Years active 2005 – present

    Label(s) MCA Music, Inc.







    Former members


    * Strify : lead vocals

    * Kiro : bass

    * Yu : guitar

    * Shin : drums

    Former Member:

    * Luminor : keyboard and second vocals

    Temporary member:

    * Rom3o : keyboard

    [edit] History

    According to the band, Strify, Yu and Kiro met at a manga convention in 2005. They talked to Shin and Luminor via internet.

    Their names are manga names given by other members of the band. Strify's name came from Cloud Strife of the video games Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Originally, his name was Jack Strify after Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas). Jack was dropped when the band started to develop. Shin's name comes from Shinya, the drummer of the Jrock band Dir en grey, who is a role model for Shin. Kiro's name came from a stuffed monkey Strify has or had named Siro. The 'S' was changed to 'K' due to Kiro's supposed real name. Luminor came from the masculine form of lumina ("moonlight" in Latin). Yu's name came from Yugisaki Yukiru, the author of the manga DN Angel. He was originally named Yukito. However, like Strify, he shortened it to Yuki and later shortened his name again to Yu.

    Their first single CD "Lovesongs (They Kill Me)" was released on September 14, 2007, two weeks after their first live performance in the German music show The Dome, Europe's largest music event.[2].

    The Norddeutscher Rundfunk (north German television broadcast) nominated the band for the national final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, but Cinema Bizarre did not manage to impress the judges as much as No Angels and Carolin Fortenbacher, who made it into the second election round of the final.

    Starting on March 28, 2008, they went on a big tour throughout Europe.

    In September, 2008, Luminor took a break from going on tour with the band. It was announced that his health was poor and he needed time off in order to get better. While he was on break, Yu's friend Romeo traveled and played with the band.

    On November 1, a trailer was released which stated the name of Cinema Bizarre's upcoming album to be 'ToyZ'. The album will be on sale throughout Germany and the rest of Europe from spring 2009.

    [edit] Discography

    [edit] Albums

    * Final Attraction (2007) #9 Germany, #28 Austria, # 30 Italy

    01. Lovesongs (They Kill Me)

    02. How Does It Feel

    03. Silent Scream

    04. Get Off

    05. Forever or Never

    06. Escape to the Stars

    07. After the Rain

    08. She Waits For Me

    09. I Don't Believe

    10. The Way We Are

    11. Dysfunctional Family

    12. Heavensent

    13. Angel in Disguise

    14. The Silent Place

    + Crashing And Burning -> Not on the album.

    + Deeper And Deeper -> Not on the album.

    + The Other People -> Not on the album.

    + Spaceman -> Not on the album.



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