I might have tinnitus .?

I have been sick for a week and might have a case of tinnitus. is it something that happens because of a sickness and then goes away? or is it permanent like ive read on wikipedia.

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  • Gary D
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    1 decade ago
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    Tinnitus is usually caused by changes in blood pressure. Since you've never had it before and you're feeling ill lately, it is most likely a result of increased blood pressure due to your illness.

    Tinnitus is usually a temporary problem for most people although it can also be a chronic (non-stop) condition. Actor William Shatner (Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame) has experienced tinnitus for his entire life.

    Source(s): Former police crime scene detective and CEO of a zoo & science museum.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know about changes in blood pressure, since im a medical student. From what we learned, Tinnitus has numerous causes and one is idiopathic (Means generally doctors have no good explanation)

    Anyway, don't worry to much about it, it matters what kind of sickness you have. As long as your not having ear pain and discharge from your ear it should go away by it self.

    Its when you are having a decrease in hearing in the ear affected with tinnitus you need to see a doctor about it.

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