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Writing lead singer and song of the member Don Henley said that the content of the lyrics is that they live in Hollywood to face the cruel reality of that period of time for them every day like Halloween, full of sex, drugs and A variety of mental test.

In hindsight, the song's charm has not reduced, the precipitation time, it became the Western music in a hearing must be a masterpiece, then at the end of a period of two-guitar playing in particular, has become a model, a note of any changes will affect the degree of its brilliant .






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    Don Henley, who is one of the members , the writer and the major singer of the song, said that the content of the lyrics reflected the cruel reality they have to face for their living in Hollywood. For them , every day likes Halloween and is full of sex, drugs and A variety of mental test.


    In fact, the charm of the song has never been diminished over time. After long and tough test, it became so important that no one should miss it. The dual-guitar performed at the end set an example that any notes change might affect its brilliant .


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