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Am I under unholy oppression?

For three years my family has suffered an unbelievable tale, but when I look back at it I realize it truly is unbelievable that it could really have happened like this without being divine punishment.

Since I met my wife and we came together, She lost her business and everything she ever worked for. We bought a house that turned out to be a complete lie and sunk 25G into trying to better it. We moved only to realize the new house was unsuitable. We moved again after being loured into a pretty deal by her lawyer only to find ourselves without option and money and forced to buy said house which at the time wasn't a problem since he convinced my wife to close her then company and come work with him, which we now know was a conspiracy. We purchased it at over 100K more than it's worth without freedom to have prevented it had we not been duped by his methods, after he got this Pretty but truly P.O.S. off his hands he fired her for not trying to scam another person into another bad property deal. We lost three pregnancies and our child that finally was born almost killed her. We moved again (4 now) because we couldn't survive the 1k a month heating bill of the house only to engage a lawsuit just to move back in once again trying to heat it in dead winter. I changed jobs to be closer to my family only for her company to shut down and the pay cut I took now put us below our needs. She went back to work only to work 6 months and get 1 client. I left my job to be in business for myself, after taking 100K against my parents house to prevent them from the foreclosure of the previous house we were deceived into, that the criminal had his broker put in my parents name which wasn't agreed on. We negotiate with the bank to bring the house current if they agree to assist our legal action against this conspirator, only for them to turn on us once they're paid up. Upon pulling up to move back in the house is three floors flooded. After spending the rest of the money repairing the house the bank refused to give us our insurance reimbursement so we are out of pocket all our money. The person I left my job to start my company with, turned out to only be able to sell me, wasting precious time and money. In almost a year of being in business, offering a top-shelf product for a fraction of my competition I have closed 0 new accounts. Sprinkle on a handful of ambulance rides, trips to the hospital and near-deaths for my wife, daughter trying to kill my wife through stress and fighting and our newest not wanting love or affection in anyway. A total of 7 moves in 3 years and a net loss of 750 Thousand dollars including new mortgages and debt, for two people who are very good at what they do and incredibly hard working, we have come to the only conclusion which is God doesn't want us to be together and we're cursed for lack of a better word. When our tale is told not abridged as it just was, horror novels have believability. I refuse to believe God is punishing us but she believes it is non other than. Could it be?


I left out key details in my haste. God doesn't reply to me, but my wife and her father are constantly hearing. Our decisions weren't influenced one way or condemned the other. The concern is it was prophecide by others she and her first husband of destruction would do great things in ministry and she fears we are suffering all this for that was God's wil and she has gone against it.

We do seek his council on decisions of course.

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    Shawn C -

    First, let me say how truly sorry I am to hear what you and your family have suffered. I can understand the FEELING that so much misery would be of Biblical proportions....but I have to ask some questions:

    With each decision that was made, how prayerfully did you and your wife seek the Lord? Was His voice the One which clearly guided you in each venture, or did you pursue things which sounded reasonable and right at the time?

    If we are to examine the OT Biblical pattern of Divine retribution, have you and your wife been visited by any prophets of God - warning you specifically to repent (to change your mind and behavior), foretelling in graphic detail what dire consequences would occur if you did not return to God? Since He ALWAYS gave fair warning and allowed people the opportunity to repent before judgement came, why would He act any differently now? (Or did these things just blind-side you without apparent justice, rhyme or reason)? Only an enemy strikes in the dark - not God. When He does something, He openly takes responsibility for what He is doing.

    Meaning if HE has not told you through prophets or Divine revelation BEFOREHAND that He was inflicting all this on you, then it isn't His "handiwork", to put it simply.

    And again adhering to Biblical truths already revealed, would the good, gracious God who HATES divorce use such terrible underhanded tactics to try and split your marriage up?

    God is good - His Son endured so much pain, suffering and death for each of us so you wouldn't have to undergo the Divine wrath. But I will say this, IF such things are of God, then it would not be "unholy oppression" you suffer, but a holy and just one.

    However - if we do not see Jesus inflicting such suffering on the multitudes to teach them - Jesus, the express image of the invisible Father and the ONLY One who fully revealed His perfect character and will - then why should we believe He has changed now?

    No, I firmly believe from the Word of God that the only judgement you suffer from is your own - decisions which seemed right at the time but turned out badly later, just as the Scriptures say "There is a way which seems right to a man, but the way therein leads unto death......" And the tragic miscarriages and near-death episodes your wife suffered are the direct result of Adam's impact on all of creation - as it states in Romans that all sin, death, (and their cousins - destruction, disease, and injustice) moved in through Adam.

    I do not say these things lightly, since our family has also suffered much these past four years and I fully understand your wife's feelings.......but truly the Lord is not punishing you and killing your unborn children. He is the Source of your deliverance, not the cause of your misery.

    I am praying for you - Love in Christ,


    Source(s): EDIT: In response to the additional information you posted: "The concern is it was prophecide by others she and her first husband of destruction would do great things in ministry and she fears we are suffering all this for that was God's wil and she has gone against it." According to Scriptures, the sure-fire test for prophecy is that it comes to pass. I don't quite follow you on the whole "her first husband of destruction" bit, but I do understand that you and she are NOT being punished because she "stopped a prophecy from being fulfilled". One of the most abused ministry gifts is that of prophecy. If it didn't come to pass, then that "prophet" might have been speaking out of his spaghetti dinner that night, rather than the Holy Spirit. Irregardless, if what was foretold didn't stand, then the words of that prophet stand judged.....not your wife.
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    number one yes you are under unholy oppression. the world today is really dark and the ruler of this world system is none other than Satan him self . if you haven't figured out right now that everyone is suckering you into wrong stuff is just to make money. money is the god of today . and if you haven't figured out the fact that people will do anything to get it even prey on the ones who believe in Christ. quit trusting every one , that's your fist mistake , second realize that if you let every one take your money you will no longer have any to fight with. this world is going to hell in a hand basket . and Satan is going to get his way . And don't worry about Gods punishment it is not God doing this, it is the devil .you need to look at some verses it will help you understand. Jeremiah 12: v 5-6 Deuteronomy 24: 1-2 Job 1:6-12

    Source(s): these are but a few. I once thought God was punishing me but no. it was the dicisions i made and the people I was dealing with keep praying and keep your faith and remember what day we live in and adjust . Also look closley at what jeremiah did in 38: 14- 28 look closly and learn the other word of the Lord the one they don`t teach. expecialy in v 24-27 .. think and educate your self matter of fact read the whole book of Jeremiah.
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    God does not punish anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as all their sins, past, present and future had been suffered by Jesus on our behalf at the cross. God will never punish you for those sins again. All your problems have nothing to do with God but it appears that you lack wisdom and discernment to avoid all the deals which were so unfavorable to you. I pray that God will grant you wisdom and discernment in this regard. Do seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all the other things shall be added to you. If you are baptized in the Spirit pray in the Spirit always for all things to work together for your good and to receive the spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind (Romans 8:26-28, 2 Timothy 1:6,7). God bless you richly.

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    I don't believe God is punishing you and your family, but more so an attack from the enemy, like in Job's story. Unless you running from God like Jonah did and everything God told him to do he did the opposite and he really caused some turmoil and danger to the ones in the boat with him. His disobedience was the problem.

    As far as your marriage goes, if you are both "believers" than you are evenly yoked and that is what God instructs in a marriage. Wow you have been through alot of hardship in the past 3 years. If you and your wife both believe that God can do all things but fail, then I pray that you will surrender this whole situation to God. He can restore everything that the enemy has stolen from you.

    If you will seek ye first(not last) the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things(your every need) will be added unto you.

    I don't believe God is punishing you, its more of an attack from what I can see, a spiritual warfare. It may be a situation that requires fasting like mentioned in the Bible "some things only come by fasting and prayer". Fasting denies the flesh and increases the spirit so you can see what the hindrance is and over come it.

    Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask you to help this couple and their family to be delivered from these hardships that they have endured for the past 3 years. I pray that you open doors for them and stand in the gap and be a lawyer for them and work things out on their behalf. Lord you said in your word that wherever two or more are gathered together in your name, you would be in the midst and we need you Lord to perform a miracle to encourage this couple and give them hope, strengthen their marriage and bind any enemy that comes to destroy what you have joined together in the name of Jesus. Satan we rebuke you and command you to take your hands off of this family, they are covered by the blood of Jesus and by His stripes, they are healed. We speak love, peace, restoration and hope back into this marriage and this family and we pray your Holy will be done in Jesus' name, Amen! Be encouraged and have faith!

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    I've got one of those lives too, so I understand. My husband and I have been married about 6 1/2 years. In that time, we've both had multiple serious medical issues, a bankruptcy, suffered complete abandonment from both our families, lost a house, been viciously attacked by a psychotic neighbor, been burdened with taking care of a parent with advanced Alzheimer's- I could go on, but let's just say it's been action-packed, with more drama than a daytime soap. And all this with 3 small kids. But I don't feel "punished by God." I feel like He is the my anchor, the only thing that has brought us through and kept us from succumbing to misfortune. Remember: God saves the best for the last. Trust in Him and you will come through. And though you haven't asked, I will pray for you and your family. When God begins a work in your life, He is faithful to complete it. Turn your lives over to Him and declare His completion. God doesn't promise us a smooth flight, but He guarantees a safe landing.

    **Thank you Brother Jimmy. Support like yours is one of the great blessings in my life! God be with you always!

    Source(s): Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you says the Lord: plans to give you hope and a future, plans to prosper and not to harm you."
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    When Jesus died on the cross for the world, God has already punished all our sins on His body, so that today God is no longer counting the world's sins against them. "Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation." (2 Corinthians 5:18-19)

    So then, evil things happen because they are from the devil, who is the god of this world. (2 Corinthians 4:4) They are not from God, because God is on your side, if you are a Christian - "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

    Sister Amalthea's testimony is very encouraging - her faith and courage in the midst of life's challenges is a beacon of light and hope in Christ for us all. I will pray for you and your family too, sister Amalthea. :)

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    Have you ever read the book of job?

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    the bible says to ask for wisdom. i don't see that you or your wife have asked the Lord for anything remotely connected with wisdom or discernment.

    while i have sympathy for your dramatic lives, God probably has very little to do with your troubles...

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    Chit happens man.

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    It's called bad luck.

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