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do truckers and hunters really need a CB Radio these days?

I was just reading a question about CBs and asked myself with cellphones, Blackberrys and such do people still need CBs and use them as they where meant to be used for?Or is it just because of nostalgia?just asking don't mean to make anyone mad just asking.

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    the CB radio is an essential communications tool for truck drivers

    a standard CB radio has 40 channels, and the universal or common channel in the trucking industry is 19

    because it's a radio frequency, it is accessible to anyone who has a CB radio - there are no numbers to dial or remember - just switch it on, and you're 'connected'

    depending on how far of a signal (both incoming and outgoing) your CB radio processes, you can receive and give information to other truck drivers around you - usually within about a mile from your exact location (your '20' in trucker lingo)

    some radios are better than others and can be peaked and tuned to transmit and receive stronger and more distant signals

    on a routine day, for general traffic and road-orientated informational purposes, eastbound truckers communicate with westbound,

    and northbound communicates with southbound

    in the winter time, the CB is especially critical for reporting hazardous road conditions - eastbound informing westbound of icy roads ahead, white-out conditions, and things of this nature, allowing the other driver the opportunity to prepare mentally for the challenge and to adjust truck speed accordingly

    there's also the 'bear report' - letting other drivers know where smokey bear is hiding out (the po-lice)

    weigh stations (chicken coops) open or closed,

    nearest truck stop up ahead,

    you name it --

    even a lot of the shippers and consignees - where all of the nations freight originates and ends up - use the CB to communicate with the drivers on dock door assignments, unloading or loading status, and other things - they will have the drivers tune to a specific channel other than 19 for their purposes

    it can be used for so much more,

    and although there's a lot of garbage that floats around over the airwaves,

    without the CB radio, the trucking industry wouldn't hold together quite the same

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    My father and uncle are both truck drivers so I know a thing or two about this. They use CB's t communicate with the other truckers around them. They ask about road conditions and even ask a trucker up the road about traffic. They don't know these people personally so they wouldn't have their cell number. Plus, you really want a person driving a huge truck to be messing around with a cell phone? On a CB all they have to do is pick it up and ask who's on. To get in touch with their base office or what not some have company cell phones that they can use, otherwise they the CB fr that as well.

    So yes, CB's are still necessary and very handy.

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    You can only reach someone you know if you're using a phone. Anyone with a CB can hear you if you're using the CB to transmit. If you have info for other truckers or need their assistance, you don't have to make 20 phone calls. Just one "Good buddy" over the CB will turn the trick.

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    They come in handy.. Truckers often help out law enforcement is slowing down criminals during a high speed chase.

    It's a nice thing sometimes.. So yeah, there are quite a few things to benefit from with a CB radio.

    But NEED.. No, They don't NEED one.

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    Yes, truckers don't already have all of the other truckers cell numbers?

    But CB is half the fun. That and the horn.

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    We use CB's for coyote huntin. Don't have to worry about dialing a damned number or something like that. They're just a lot easier. And more powerful than weak walkie-talkies.

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    yea because if you go hunting in the mountains you have no service out there and i tell you that from experience. CB radios reach a lot of parts in the world but you can also use walkie-talkies.

    Hope i answered your question! :)

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    yes they do, its fun to be on a CB radio, you can talk to many people at once.

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    CB is safe to use cause you only have ONE button to push. black berry and cell phones have too many buttons to hit and drive.

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    heel yeah you do its so we can talk to each other without havin to talk to a bunch of yahoos

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