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Juan Gonzalez once turned down a 8 year/140 million extension from the Tigers - Is this the dumbest move ever?

It only landed him on the Long Island Ducks. In all fairness to Juan though, he made some money after his year with the Tigers following the trade from Texas. He made 41 million over the last 8 years which is 99 million less than what he could have had. The reason why he rejected Detroit's offer was because they wouldn't move up their fences at their new stadium at the time. Who cares? Should have he expected to even play beyond another 8 years and make anything near that again? He winded up signing a 1 year/12 deal with the Indians in '01. He went back to Texas in '02 and signed a 2 year/25 million deal. Than 1 year/4 million with KC in '04. He's tried making comeback attempts on minor league deals or with the Ducks ever since '05. He had one at bat in '05 and got hurt. He tried making the Cardinals in '08. If Gonzalez had accepted that offer, his contract would have expired at the end of this season.

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    Absoulutely it was the dumbest move ever. How in the world can someone give up $140 million is beyond me. That contract would have expired this past season. Given what we know how Juan Gone's career has transpired, the Tigers dodged a MAJOR bullet by not signing that contract. Juan Gone thought he could have made more money on the open market. He thought wrong.

    Don't think for a moment the next player is going to be that stupid and reckless. Especially if their agent is Scott Boras.

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    For Gonzalez that was a very bad decision (money wise) but Tigers was a very bad team back then & still is. He wanted to be on a good team & go to the World Series (That's every ball players dream) Sounds like he was not a good player thou if the tigers were the only team to offer a long term contract like that. The Tigers made out better then.

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    I think when John Kruk traded his number while on the Cincinnati Reds to someone else (I forget who) for 2 cases of beer was a pretty dumb move. Especially when 2 weeks later, Ricky Hernandez bought his number after being traded for upwards of 2 million dollars.

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    No, i think the dumbest move ever made was the phillies signing Adam Eaton last year,,,,he sucked the 1st time we signed him, and now he sucks even worse, when are they going to learn ? Thank God he wasn't around that much during our World Series run

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    It was, in retrospect, a pretty bad decision by Gonzo, but as the offer was a bad decision by the Tigers, it all canceled out.

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    He stood up for what he believed in but I'm sure now he regrets the decision.

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