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what religious reasoning leads islamist terrorists to do what they do?

my understanding of islam doesnt lend itself to hurting others, just as i understand that jihad doesnt mean "holy war"... can someone, preferably a muslim, walk me through the reasoning they use to arrive at blowing people up for their 72 virgins?

no offense intended at all, its just like im a christian and a white man, i can explain to you the reasoning behind the crusades and slavery, id like to know.


onewho, i'd like to go ahead and say thank you immediately.

for one, you are the only one who answered the question, instead of saying idiotic things. secondly, you are the only one with any knowledge of what youre talking about.

for those of you who claim to have read the qur'an and say that Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus had teachings that were shockingly different are either lying about reading it or lying about whats in it.

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    Peace be upon you,

    Essentially, the terrorist (specifically the suicide bomber) is devoid of two things, religious knowledge, and reasoning.

    We have to contemplate what would drive a human being, to be so fanatic that they knowingly, put a bomb on themselves and then initiate their own death.

    They are desperate people, suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam, and leads directly to hell-fire.

    However, (this is not a justification for suicide bombing, as I unequivocally disapprove of it, as it wrong immoral, and unjust).

    They say desperate times call for desperate measures.

    A martyr is someone who dies fighting for the word of God, killing random innocent people goes against the rules of war in Islam.

    For a detailed legal analysis from an Islamic scholar check this out,

    Defending The Transgressed By

    Censuring The Reckless Against The Killing Of Civilians

    There is no truth to the 72 virgin thing, as for 'purified mates' they are for the pious, God-fearing people, who remembered God much during our life.

    You have to remember, the extremists, even kill Muslims, using their perverted reasoning, they are so 'good', that they can determine who is a believer and who is not, and then kill them?!

    There is no reasoning, and there is no religious argument for it.

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    I'm not an expert on Islamic teachings. But from what I have read, it seem to be the teachings of Mohammad that lead Islamic terrorists to think they are doing right in God's eyes. I have read a lot of the Quran and it was quite an eye opener for me!

    I compared the teachings of Mohammad to the teachings of Jesus and they were so different that they couldn't possibly be from the same Source.

    Jesus' treatment of women was different. Jesus' treatment of those who don't believe was different. Jesus' treatment of mankind in general was different. Jesus' entire philosophy was radically different from Mohammad's. It's right there in black and white it.

    Get a copy of the Quran and read will be both fascinated and appalled.

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    Hi, ourajin:

    None of this was according to God's plan, but because we failed to comply with His simple commands, to love one another, we must eat of the tainted meat of our own slaughtering.

    Those who lived during Islamic conquests of Christian nations around the Mediterranean Sea knew the Muslim plague were judgments of God and foretold in the Bible. One minister predicted from the Word the exact day the Muslim alliance of nations would collapse--over 1,000 atheists were converted when it fulfilled literally.

    Read "The Rise, Decline, and Death of Islam as Predicted in the Bible at

    Much greater devastation is looming but God has the remedy.

    Shalom, peace in Jesus, Ben Yeshua

  • Cauz they are crazy and misinterpreting the Quran, what exactly drove the christians to take part in the crusades which actually calmed the most deaths ever. Ah ha so Christianity is the bloodiest religion on them all........

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    They are extremists.

    Just like fundamentalists, just perhaps more violent. However, their interpretation of the Koran/Qu'ran is supposedly flawed. Leaders of Islam have spoken out against terrorism.

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    "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."

    Steven Weinberg

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    Just read you Koran and you will see that these acts of terrorism are actually acts of righteousness because you deserve what they do because you are not a Muslim.

    Source(s): Jihad watch blog
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    Read this question that was asked just a minute ago and it may help you see.;_ylt=AlXLp...

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    1. My life sucks and is pointless.

    2. I'm uneducated and ignorant.

    3. Hey, that guy sounds smart.

    4. What? America and Israel screwing us over?

    5. ...HOW many virgins?

    6. KILL!

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    Isn't that like asking why a Christian would bomb an abortion clinic? Some people are just psychotic.

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