What should I wear with orange and green knee high socks?

Okay so i want to wear orange and lime green knee hi socks to school tomorrow to look funky. but i dont know what to wear with it. so what should i wear? i have a dress code too. its middle school.


what pants&shirt should i wear?

Update 2:

i live in virginia. its about 40ish degrees. lol idk i dont keep track

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    Okay, this might sound complicated but its not:

    -Wear black leggings so u don't get cold ( they can b any color)

    -Wear a jean skirt or shorts or capris

    -wear the socks over the leggings n pull the socks up to the height of ur skirt shorts or capris so that the leggings dont show.

    -or where orange or green leggings pull the socks over and let the

    -orange or green leggings show! they will totally match!

    -then where a bright green orange or white t shirt that is cute.

    -wear black, orange, green ,or white shoes (white is best)

    And there u have it! the funkiest outfit ever! u will look totally cute! i really really hop this helps! i no how u feel wen u wanna be amazing and stand out! n u cant find n ee thing tats stands out! well good luck with ur funkilicious out fit! <3 peace!

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    first off it depends on where you live because i live in michigan and its snowing like crazy here so the outfit im about to say wouldn't work in the cold. well i would wear a short summer dress with leggings underneath it that hits like three inches above the knee with a cute little sweater and some knitted mukluks pushed down so the socks are showing. i wore an outfit like that to school and everyone loved it. (pic of the mukluks i wore) http://cache.wists.com/thumbnails/6/9b/69babfc787b... those are the same ones i have sitting in my room! ahha

    i hope i helped.

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    the place a preppy, striped polo, with a undeniable shirt on precise. make helpful the collar is showing from under the undeniable (long sleeved shirt) placed on a shirt, that isn't too busy. Do an ordinary shade, and attempt to have the skirt be at once (no ruffles or something) placed on the socks with heels. stable success : )

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    Just wear a bright shirt to go along with it!!! That has some green and orange in it!!!

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    Just put on something you wouldn't put on with them... . In other words, don't try. I think you would pull the look off better... For exp. a cool navy blue twill cotton skirt and pink striped sweater....

    This is the look I'm referring to...


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    sPorty look: Basketball shorts, some jordan shoez, and a tight fitting 2 finger shirt.

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    an orange v neck?

    a white or pink undershirt.


    and a white jacket depending on the weather where you live.

    curl your hair(:

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