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Is this kind of... strange?

I can't afford to get the Girl Of The Year Mia St. Clair(American Girl) doll.

AH and I can't believe it's the last month of 2008 now :( well back on topic. I'm 13 and I want to get this other figure skating doll cause it will be out for longer than just one year and it costs less:

i love figure skating and i started lessons a few months ago. i want to get a lot of other figure skating things. ugh do you think it's embarrassing? cause i know it's like the AG but if i get this Our

Generation that will be my 2nd one since 2002. Well if you don't understand it I'll summarize it:

I want to get the Our Generation Doll because I can afford it and this won't be my last month to get it unlike the American Girl Doll. But I read that it's for ages 5 and up and I'm 13. Now I feel stupid and I don't know if I should ask my parents because they might say it's kind of a shame because I'm 13 and asking for a doll. What should I do???? I NEED HELP *cries*

DO YOU THINK I'M CRAZY!! Just please give advice even if you do :(

:( :(

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    Get what you want. If you will enjoy having it, that is the important thing. It's not a big deal to still like dolls, many people never stop liking them.

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