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What other daily or every other day supplement that I can feed my frog?

I have 2 young African Clawed Frogs in my 20g tank. I have purchased Tetra's ReptoMin, Hikari Bloodworms, and some White mosquito larvae(aka glassworms) from San Francisco Bay brand. I know that I cannot feed blood and glass worms as their daily supplement as it doesn't contain enough nutrients for proper growth and should only be use as a weekly treat. I have tried feeding the ReptoMin to them but the bite it, shred it up in their mouths and then spit it out. Can anyone, who has experience with ACFs, provide me with an adequate supplement to promote growth and one that they might like too?

I know that Xenopus Express sells a high quality food just for ACFs but I am trying to find an alternative brand that I can buy in my neighborhood PetCo and PetsMart stores before I order online....Thank You in advance.

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    Your frog will appreciate flakes, my advice is to get Nutrifan flakes, it has strong smelt of meats and plants.

    good luck. learn about aquarium foods.

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