Im agnostic, where do I get married?

So my fiance and I are getting married in about 2 years from now(September 2010) and we are both Agnostic-but our families are religious and want the traditional church wedding. Where could we have our wedding so that its very elegant and simple but not at a church. We live in Milwaukee, WI so it could rain anytime but i wanted it outside.. i love gardens and the outdoors but I dont want the weather to ruin my big day!? I hate the idea of getting married in a restaurant or hotel- i think its cheap. Any good suggestions for a milwaukee wedding?

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    You can wed:

    at an art museum

    a park

    the zoo

    a botanical garden

    a hot air balloon

    on a cruise

    on a beach

    in a wedding chapel

    your home, or a family member's home.

    at the courthouse.

    a bed and breakfast inn.

    Basically, you wed wherever you wish to wed. You find a judge or justice of the peace or a humanist officiant to officiate.

    Does this site help any?

    You may also want to consider this:

    UU officiants are usually pretty flexible. Plus it is a kind of church . . . . so perhaps that would appease the families?

    The site says:

    "Unitarian Universalism is a caring, open-minded religion that encourages you to seek your own spiritual path."

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    RE: How can a Christian and Agnostic marry and live happy marriages ? I'm very sad now, there's this girl that i've known for 4 years and well, we love each other deeply and undieingly. Yet, she's agnostic and im Christian or well i may be turning agnostic a bit, since i haven't really understood how God is a real powerful being who i should obey, i never had proof,...

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    botanical gardens and art museums usually have really pretty outdoor sites with indoor alternatives

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    If you have an outdoor wedding, have a backup plan of tents for the reception, and awnings for the ceremony itself. You could look into museums, botanical gardens, historical houses.

    best of luck

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    Try the Milwaukee Public Museum, Pilot House (new Discovery World-lakefront), War Memorial (lakefront), or the Zoofari Conference Center!

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    Have it near a lake or a nice park. However, I would have a back up plan just in case it is a bad rainy day on your wedding day. The sky is the limit these days on places to get married. As long as it is accomodating for your guests and the person marrying you is agreeable then you could have your wedding just about anywhere you please. Having it somewhere where there are lots of flowers. like a botanical gardens would be beautiful and classy! Give it some good thought and then get busy putting it together. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and I wish you both much happiness and love!

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    maybe a friends house who lives near an ocean or a lake. find out what the weather is like. having an outside wedding near an ocean or lake will give it a romantic feeling

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    first don't get married in a Church if you don't wont to

    it your wedding here is how i see it the bride gets 70% of the say groom gets 29% and family get 1%. for family you say okay what ever groom you listen but in the end your choice the choice of the female. since to me wedding are all about the bride so it should be perfect for her. about weather get married in late end of may best time for best weather. make sure it where you can change the date if bad weather comes. that's all you can do other then get a fake out doors wedding go to a inside place which copy's the out doors then the weather can eb how every you won't.

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    LasVagas, pay all your own expenses.

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    You're pretty much sh*t out of luck then. Unless you can find a nice building in your area and rent it.

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