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Peom..Notes From The Past 2: Today My Mother, Forever an Angel?

This is the second in my journal of poetry....hope you like :)

Today My Mother, Forever an Angel

I'm choking up in the doctors room,

His telling me it's all coming on so soon.

Like a match I start to incinerate,

I break down, I've lost my heart inside.

It's ok as I drive you home,

It's been years now, your not alone,

For once I am here to make you smile,

For once I am here for more then a while.

I've always been the one to fall back on you,

You've always been the only one whose stayed true,

Through the years of my pain and my cocaine,

You helped me keep my head on straight.

Now that it's spreading into your lungs,

You still want to smile and pretend it's ok,

Well I'm not ok I can't picture a world,

Without your heart and the way you speak.

I have always been broken, lost and confused,

I've been washed up and hurt from these drugs I use.

But in your eyes you have never cried for me,

You only tell me 'Son, it's not the way it should be'

Your smile brings me back to the days,

When life was something more then me just wasting away.

A headache is not what I feel anymore,

It's the feeling of my heart dying on the floor.

I think it's only months that you have left,

Well I'll be the first to say I've been blessed.

Today you are just my Mother

But Forever you will be an Angel.


Music Man - All true stuff kinda retelling stuff in my life through poetry :)

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    FFAF, that was absolutely beautiful.......honestly, I am choked up...I don't know how to put it into words.....but, I am blown away with this poem....the way you talk about your amazing mother and the way you let out how hard it is on you and how much you just care for's absolutely beautiful......I am so sorry for all you and your mother are going through and I mean that from the bottom of my heart....

    "Well I'll be the first to say I've been blessed.Today you are just my Mother. But Forever you will be an Angel." those words are the most heartfelt words you have ever written......honestly, my friend, this poem is so touching....I don't even know what to write....I am so choked up because its that deep........

    Honestly, I love this poem and you and your mom are just amazing people.....and I mean every word of it :)

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    Wow. Where do I even start? I have a word for you - prolific that is what you are man. Keep writing. Seeing you write has motivated me to start writing again.

    There is noting that you write that I cannot relate to and I am not only a different gender but I am 20 years older than you! That is great writing when you can make the reader not only see what you do, but feel it on a deep level as well.

    You have been given a gift, use it well man, use it well.

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  • Having held my mothers hand all the long drive in to the Emergency room, only to lose her once we got her there, I can totally get into these words.

    I lost something that night, but I also gained something it was just not easy to understand or accept at the time.

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    Angels in the unique Sumerian meant messenger and those messengers flew from place to place. Ezekiel flew from place to place additionally. the only factor they'd understand approximately human beings flying is that if that they had wings.

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  • I'm tearing up again. Wow! Funeral For A Friend that was beautiful. Simply beautiful. I'm sorry for everything you and your mom have been pur through. Both yours and her strength is amazing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can't put it any better than what Stabbin said. And you know what I think of your poetry. Take care friend.


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    That's really good. You managed to make me tear up.

    Is this based on real things, or did it just come to you?

    If it really is true, I'm so sorry. That's all I can say. I'm sorry.

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