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Anyone hear of hazleton, PA?!?

my cousin is moving to hazleton, Pennsylvania the day after christmas day. she wants my family to come and visit her but we have no clue where it is. i mean, we have the directions and stuff, but we have never heard of it. has anyone else heard of it?!


its soo weird cuz my 2nd cousin is the mayor there i just dont know anything about it!! XDDD

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    Yeah my mom was actually born and raised there..its a small little town, not much going on, lots of snow.. i think theres a couple ski resorts close to hazelton if you're into that...theres a few college campuses near there (penn state hazleton, lakawanna, etc) and yes they did pass strict immigration laws up there a couple years ago b/c they were having a huge increase in illegal immigrants

    more info at,_Pennsylvani...

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    It's on top of a mountain just west of the Poconos about 30 minutes south of Wilkes-Barre. In the last decade it has become highly Hispanic as people who can't afford to live in New York move west. The town passed an ordinance that made it illegal to rent or employ people in this country illegally.

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    Yep. I was friends with someone in college who was from Hazleton. We went to his place for the weekend to visit. Really nice area.

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    that's on better of a mountain only west of the Poconos approximately 0.5-hour south of Wilkes-Barre. in the final decade it has become especially Hispanic as human beings who're no longer waiting to locate the money for to stay in ny circulate west. The city surpassed an ordinance that made it unlawful to hire or hire human beings in this united states illegally.

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    Yes I have Stopped there many of times on the way to New York City and Boston very Nice and well- Maintained Community.

    I can say you'll be fine there.

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    LOL.. yup i've heard of it.. i broke down in Hazelton on the way back from picking my cousin up at Lockhaven University...

    not much going on there.. well i'm from the City so nothing outside of here is going on... it's a small town just like anything around the city.

    its pretty big too..

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    yeah i went to jobcorp up there.its in the pocono gets really cold too

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