how to start learning web development and what technologies are relevant?

I have work experience in Oracle database development and I am thinking of getting into web development.

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    Depending on your interests and desire to learn you can go with a few current technologies.

    PHP and ASP.NET (C# or VB) are two leading development "platforms" if you're interested in the programming aspect of Web Development (

    PHP is open-source and free, while .NET is a Microsoft version (though a "free-as-in-beer" version is available - get Visual Web Developer at

    Note that though php is more of a scripting lanuage while .NET aims to be more object oriented, either can be successfully used to make engaging, interactive, and profitable Web sites*.

    I know less about JSP, but there's a primer at:

    A great place to start is at W3School ( Take a look at primers for html, xhtml, PHP, and .NET and see which tutorials and syntax appeal to you. If you're comfortable with databases and structured languages, html should be a breeze for you!

    Also it'll help to figure out or narrow what you want to do with these skills. Do you want to develop some applications for yourself? Start a Web site for a personal business? Perhaps work for someone else in a corporate or small business setting? Depending on scenario, you'll want to see what technologies are preferred in job postings OR possibly what "hobbyist" developers are up to. Good luck!

    *Disclaimer: I've worked with various version of ASP.NET at work, but bear no ill will to any development technology!

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    It is good to get into Web Development. Learn HTML , XML , php , AJAX , .NET etc in order to be a Web Professional.

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