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How do I create a site where users add the content themselves (like Wikipedia)?

Hi, I would be extremely grateful if someone could explain the relationship between users and sites such as Wikipedia and YouTube - sites where users input the content themselves. I need to create a site like this for an assignment - just a prototype, really - but I need to show an understanding of this. I hear it has something to do with CMS (Content Management Systems), but I'm in way over my head here! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Thanks for the info. I actually don't have to create this. It's only hypothetical. I just have to show an understanding.

From what I know, which is very little, creating a CMS would be the job of a programmer, wouldn't it? I kind of understand it, I think.

To create a site consisting of 'User Generated Content', is a Content Management System essential, or can it be done with CSS? And how does it work? My guess from what I've learnt thus far would be something like:

1. User, through the webpage displayed in the browser, enters text, images, and/or videos

2. These link to the CMS.

3. An administrator logs into the CMS database and decides whether the content goes onto the site.

Apologies if I've overcomplicated things, but it's difficult to try and understand something in such a short space of time.

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    There are a variety of free CMS softwares that you could use to build such a site. Wikipedia is built on wikimedia ( There are a variety of other systems that allow user generated content. I believe Joomla and Mambo can do this as well.

    In actual production environments, you would need to set up some kind of LAMPP (or similar) server, but if it's for a class, your professor will probably give you access to some school system instead of you having to build your own.

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    you need a web host providing wiki, like:

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