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How can I recover my computer's deleted internet history?

I have deleted the history many, many times since I went to the website that I want to access. I know there is some special way to get to it but I am so confused. First off, I want to look at the files from my desktop computer that has XP, but I am currently using my laptop which is Vista. Now, I researched how to do it and I found that I have to download this special software so I downloaded the software but took 2 seconds to download, which was great but a little weird because my computer doesn't work that fast. It immediately went away and my spyware program registered it as an alert and deleted it, but I changed my settings and re-downloaded it. I went back to the website where I had downloaded the program and it said it worked with vista so I am just confused. Anyhow I was supposed to go to "C:\Documents and Settings\ (username of your computer here without the parentheses)\Cookies", to look for the special folder called “index.dat” so I entered that in but an error message that said "Windows cannot find 'C: \Documents and Settings\Melissa\Cookies'. Check the spelling and try again." So what I did then was I simply went to C:\Documents and Settings and it took me to another folder that said "All Users" and I thought that maybe the advice that I had taken had been meant for someone using XP (remember when I did this I was on my laptop) and that all users would apply so I entered that file then it brought me to a file called documents then it brought me to a file called Reallusion then to either custom or shared custom and it just went on and on but I kept on entering every file but it just ended up being a dead end. So then it occurred to me that I should probably change my settings so that I can see hidden files so I did that and then went through the process again and nothing. Also, I will ultimately be using this on my XP computer but I wanted to see if it worked on my Vista computer as well. The questions I want answered are: Did the program not download right? If so, how can I fix it? Did the program work for you or, if you haven’t used it, do you know if it actually works? How does this program even work? When you use this program, how does it work? When you downloaded it, did you get a desktop icon? If I delete my temporary internet files, will this program be deleted as well? Are you using this program on an XP computer, and if so, does it work? Does it work properly on your XP computer? Did my virus protection keep it from downloading sufficiently? Is my virus protection keeping it from working, and if so, how can I allow it to work? What do I need to do to get this to work? If I have done everything I can, is there any other program or way that I can use to access my old internet history files?

Whoo! Sorry that was so long! Btw, I am not using this to spy on my kids; I don’t have kids….I am 16. Ha-ha. So you don’t have to worry that I am your mother or something that always happens to me. I see people complaining about their crappy friend or something and I am like “Omg that’s my friend Sarah talking about me!” and of course her name is like Sheela and she lives in Australia but anyways. Thanks for the help! (If anyone even answers)….he he

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    Well I don't think there's any way to recover it but I'm pretty sure you can get a cpu tech or someone you know whose good with computers to look up your history. Did you know computer techs can look at anything you've ever looked at on your computer??

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    Ummm, i think i know what you are saying ^^

    So you are trying to, from your computer access the files on another computer?

    If so i know how to do that kinda sorta and i will make a video tut. on how to-And no you do not "most of the time" download anything to be able to do this.

    I kow what you meen at the bottom lol, that happens to meh to.

    E mail me at

    Yah i know funny e mail )'=

    here is some stuf you can do to make your compuer faster ôô

    Another thing you can do is..

    #1 go to start> programs>accessories>system tools > and run a disk clean up after that a diskgefragmenter "the defragmenter will take some time.

    One more thing is...

    Go to start>run> and type %temp% and delet everything in that folder - start from the bottom and only do a little at a time because some stuf you can not delet-

    You can also...

    right click "My Computer" -or if vista click > start> and computer will be to the right- clcik properties> click advance> you will see somethign called proformance at the top and click seetings>next uncheck everything.

    Also empty your recycleing ben There is alota junk in there.

    hope i helped if you need a vid tut e mail me at


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    Try this website its called keylogger it records everything that happens when you activate it .

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