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Does anyone really believe that a white woman from Kansas would go to Kenya to have her baby in 1961?

For those who still think that Obama was born in Kenya, please take a few breaths and put yourself inside the mind of Obama's mother.

She was having her first child.

She became pregnant in the United States.

Her doctors were here in the U.S.

In 1961, the doctors and hospitals in Kenya were not as sophisticated as those in the U.S.

Most women having their first child want to stay close to the extensive support network that only their family, friends, and local communities can provide.

I can't think of any American-born woman, white or black, who would want to go all the way to Africa to give birth to her first child, especially when she has access to American health care and American doctors.

And in 1961?

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    Only those who are still upset that Obama won.

    Btw, totday is December 1st. Wasn't the Supreme Court supposed to do something about Obama's birth certificate?

    Oh well, just one more disappointment for those who are anti-Obama.

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  • 4 years ago

    Actually yes I have seen men act the same my husband is a great example he overreacts to about everything I've even accused him of being a woman lol He's over emotional and takes everything literal. As I have done too at times but we have a past so that probably doesn't help.. But I feel I have treated him well and get mad when he complains about stupid things that shouldn't even manner there is more to live of course we grew up different he was spoiled and got everything he ever wanted and I worked hard for everything I ever had or had nothing at all. I have told my husband he is a jerk and felt bad later but not that bad cause he really can be he acts like a child sometimes though I love him and he's good with the kids I feel as if I am raising a third child he's real needy whinny and always wants his way as I always am to do without to please him causing me to lash out after so long. I cook him clean do the laundry take care of our childern all gladly might add but all I get is complaints about what he doesn't have material wise and what he wants me to change body wise as if I'm not good enough so yes I can be a B**** but it takes two to screw up a marriage and I'm far from perfect.. All I can do is grin and bare it and pray he will open his eyes one day and realize he doesn't have it so bad we might be poor and have to do without but he has a wife who do anything for him loves him and two beautiful girls who can't wait for daddy to come home. Maybe one day he will realize thats all he needs if not then lol maybe he will find that other woman he so seeks that isn't what he married until then I will keep my vowels and keep on trucking

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    You are absolutely right. I was thinking the same thing. Logically, it doesn't make sense for a woman to travel thousands of miles away while she's pregnant to give birth in Kenya. It is true that anything is possible, but, it just doesn't make sense to me. The point is this, Obama's mother and father met while in college in Hawaii. Isn't it plausible to believe they remained in Hawaii for the conception, marriage, birth and ultimately separation/divorce? I dont understand why people would think otherwise... I understand Obama's father is Kenyan but it just doesnt make sense why she would go to Kenya... and the reason why she traveled to Indonesia was b/c Obama's step-father was Indonesian. whats the problem with that??? It says that Obama is more willing to accept different cultures and ideas. He's worldly. Go ahead people, hate him for being more cultured that you

    Another thing: Hawaiian people are people of color. Do you actually think they would discriminate against a black man and a white woman being together, having a biracial baby? Why would she go to Kenya? To escape racial persecution by the Hawaiian people? I dont understand why would she

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    She could have, She could have flew out of the country while she was 9 months pregnant(unlikely), then stayed in a country that at the time barely had basic roads to have her baby, then flown to Hawaii and registered the baby(unlikely). Then Obama could have ran for president hiding this from the all challengers(you see none actually claimed this crap), and won all the while hiding it from FBI, CIA, and god knows who else. The South Park Election episode is more likely than this crap

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    Don't forget the child's father was from Kenya, and we know for a fact that his mother was with him on Mercer Island, near Seattle, Washington in August, 1961, and didn't know how to change his diaper yet.

    British Overseas Airlines schedules from Kenya at that time were from Nairobi, Kenya, through Glasgow, Scotland, to Vancouver BC. Routing from there to Honolulu was through Seattle.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Your question is ridiculous. Maybe most women wouldn't go have their child in Kenya. But nor would most white women in 1961 have a child out of wedlock with a Kenyan born black man. Neither would most women with a child out of wedlock in 1961 collect food stamps while her kid attended expensive private schools.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sure.. there are people that believe this, just as they think an alleged audio tape of "grandma" qualifies as legal proof of.. something.

    People today also believe aliens landed at Roswell, NM.

    And that isn't even concerning attempts to disqualify someone in a legal election. They are RABID.

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    1 decade ago

    You are stating every line as if it were fact, such as:

    She became pregnant in the US.

    Her Doctors were here in the US.

    She had a support network.

    Are these true?

    Did she have any prenatal care at all?

    Were you in audience when she conceived?

    Did she have a "Support Network"? Was she that close with her family? Did she have any friends? (all speculation on your part)

    In 1961 her parents may have INSISTED she go to Kenya to have the baby because of fear for her or the babies treatment in a US Hospital.

    For some of the other answerer's:

    Who is to say Baracks Maternal Grandparents didn't have the birth announcement put in the 2 local news papers?

    When I got married in Illinois my parents put the wedding announcement in the local Washington D.C. papers where I grew up. I had no idea they had done that until my mother sent me a clipping from the paper.

    You are leaving a lot of speculation on the table, yet stating it as fact...

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  • 1 decade ago

    The "embarrassed to be having a baby" part from the first answerer is interesting, given that birth announcements based on the hospital records were published in both newspapers. With the Obamas' decidedly un-Kenyan address.

    So, the prevailing theory apparently is:

    1. Living in Hawaii, the happy couple discovers they are pregnant, and think, "Hey! Let's go to Kenya!"

    2. Ann Dunham gives birth in Kenya.

    3. They immediately dash back to Hawaii, and convince the local hospital to tell both local newspapers Barack was born in Hawaii, in time to make the same edition as all other birth announcements for August 4th. [EDIT: E=MC2 -- these announcements were not something parents or grandparents could put in the paper. They were based on what the hospitals reported directly to the papers.]

    4. They give Obama's original Kenyan birth certificate to the Hawaii Department of Health. This will be important, they reason, if he ever happens to run for President.

    5. Many decades later, Barack Obama Jr. asks for a Certification of Live Birth, which the State of Hawaii obligingly gives to him, complete with attestation that he was born in the city and county of Honolulu. This is embossed with the state seal, even though it is misrepresenting the place of his birth.

    6. Later, the Hawaii Department of Health makes a press release saying that they have his original birth certificate on file. (This is not a lie, since they have his original Kenyan birth certificate, from step 4 above.) Although they blithely lied in step 5 above, here they are very careful to parse words to tell the truth.

    Do I have this right?


    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever seen the documentary "Plan 9 From Outer Space"? It concludes with the canonical endorsement of the noted scientist Criswell: "Can you prove it didn't happen?"

    This appears to be the argument that covers most of the gaps in this tale. The proper response to this is, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."

    The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case that would be: he was born in Hawaii.

    Tim F: pretty weak. She grew up in Mercer Island; she was visiting friends with her new baby. A flight to Washington from Honolulu seems a little more likely than a flight from Kenya.

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    1 decade ago

    How do you know what "any American-born woman, white or black", would want? Are you a woman? Truth is stranger than fiction, and women have been doing strange things for eons.

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