Selling my Yu-Gi-Oh Cards ?

Yu-Gi-oh Cards anyone?

this is a card lot going on ebay soon...

all cards together in one lot




















let me know if your interested.

btw the reserve price is $100

buy-it-now $125


the lowest i'd go is $75 because all these cards are in Mint condition.

Update 2:

LON- 103 is a misprint on there and on ebay its really LON- 104

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    1 decade ago
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    Having given a rapid look at ebay:

    MRD-000 (Gate Guardian), even less than 7$ can be found easily. Only people that make collections could ever care to take it and at this point trust me they all have it.

    DCR-000 (Vampire lord), his collection value is insane since he was abnormaly rare, but since this is a lot people won't care and will tell you that he can be found even at starter decks NOW.

    LOB-125 (Gaia The Dragon Champion) 1$ ... nobody wants this card anyway.

    LOD-100 (Injection Fairy Lily) nice card. You have more chance to sell her if you do so separatly. Even if you can find her at very low pricess (5$) she can still sell well (20$)

    LOB-124 (Exodia The Forbidden One) if you can make 10$ for him be happy. Nobody looks for him if they have to pay more than 5 $since it's so easy to find anymore.

    LON-103 (Vengeful Bog Spirit) you hope to get money for this card? o_O

    AST-111 (Mazera DeVille) 3$ and you sould be happy.

    MRL-103 (Serpent Night Dragon) give it for free and people won't take it the same.

    PSV-000 () I never made and will never make coments on this thing. To me he has no price (but you can find him easy at ebay at $5-7 if you look a bit)

    PSV-050 (Buster blader) 1$. 3 if you find someone generous.

    MRD-126 (Barrel Dragon) Give it for free and people will still refuse to get it.

    MFC-105 (Dark Paladin) Once upon a time... a couple of years ago you could have given him alone at 50$. Now feel happy if anyone will get him for 10.

    IOC-111 (Invader of Darkness) $2-3 if you are lucky.

    MRD-143 (Thousand Dragon) not even if you give him for free.

    DCR-105 (Judgment of Anubis) $1-5.

    MRD-025 (Sanga of the Thunder) Give it for free and people won't take it the same.

    MRD-026 (Kazejin) same us above

    MRD-027 (SUIJIN) same us above.

    So you have cards that at best someone that wants to make a collection would only buy and no one else.If you want a chance point at Vampire Lord, Jinzo, Lily and Dark paladin and forget the rest (since players won't care for the rarity, if they can find them cheap as promo). At best make like all the disonest sellers that say that you make a gamble sell of holo cards with chancess to win incredilbe cards (a disgusting thing to do but it works), and then you have better chancess than havving to pay the insertion and seeing the cards stay there without anyone interested.

    At least my experience at ebay would think so, but it's totaly up to you. People to trick can be found everywhere so who knows you might even find someone to get them so i wish you luck either way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Your gonna have to come down on your price a lot. All of these cards a e old, ad while some are still good, old cards don't stand up to the new ones. Somebody would probably pay $35 +shipping/handling for these at the most. I'm not knocking you, just telling the truth.

    Source(s): Played since the games release
  • 4 years ago

    Ebay is about the only place to do that. You can get quite a bit of money from selling them now. Hope everything works out good, God bless. :)

  • i know that lot may be worth 100 mint condition, but i don't really see many yugioh lots sold for that much. Since people usually don't want to spend that much all at once on yugioh cards.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In this:


    give you $10 for it.

  • 1 decade ago

    boohoo my wasted childhood

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