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K Blade Tour or K pro Tour?

K Blade 93" - 11.8oz

K Pro 96" - 11.4

Switching from Prince Speedport tour

4.0 player

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    Definitely the K Blade Tour, even though my instructor recommends it to over 4.5 players, nontheless, it should be the better racquet for you if you don't need any more power and are searching for precision and control.

    The main reason I liked it more tha K Pro was because of how much head light it was. Being head light deprives it's strength but gives your swings manuevarability and higher swing acceleration which as a result will provide more power and spin. It also makes it more of an ease for you to "wrist snap" on your serves.

    K Pro is also very head light but its wider string bed and slightly larger head size could overpower your swings. Thus, it will probably be the more comfortable and less strainful racquet for you, but not typically the better racquet.

    I would recommend K Blade because it will definitely push you to keep improving the consistency and strenght of your shots while K Pro will be sorta holding you back. Nonetheless, demo these racquets and choose whatever you feel suited with.

    Source(s): Played K Blade and demoed K Pro.
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