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can you drive with under 21 id card?

im in texas i have a id that says under 21 department of public safety what does that do and can i drive and what happens if i get caught

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    A state ID card is not a drivers license; it only identifies you but doesn't give any driving privileges. If you get caught driving with it, expect a stiff fine and no driving privileges for some months or years in the future.

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    An ID card is not a driver license. If caught, you could face a stiff fine and possibly even jail time.

    The vehicle you are driving could be impounded and the owner will have to pay the fees to get the car released.

    If the car owner knowingly allowed you to drive their car without a license, they can be liable to fines and/or other criminal charges.

    If you are involved in an accident under that same scenario, the car owner could be held liable for damages to the other car, lawsuits by the injured party for medical & punitive damages- in fact if the lawsuits are severe enough, the car owner could lose everything they own in a lawsuit, including the home they live in.

    Their insurance policy will also most likely be cancelled since they allowed an unlicensed/uninsured driver drive their car & it will place them in a high risk group meaning it will be very hard to obtain any insurance at anything close to reasonable rates, if they can get insurance at all.

    That's what people keep forgetting- they think, "If I get caught, I'll only face......." but it does have a ripple effect that will effect more than just the person who gets caught driving without a license, especially if an accident occurs.

    Source(s): 15 yrs Law Enforcement
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    No, you can not drive using an I.D. card. If you get caught doing this (which would be a really DUMB thing to do) you will be cited for driving without a license. That card is for identification purposes only.

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    I don't know about Texas, but here in Georgia it means you can't drive and you are not old enough to drink.

    Get caught here and you are in deep doo doo. The police man will not be happy when he meets you behind the wheel and drunk.

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