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baby Boy/Girl name suggestions?

My girlfriend and I just found out we are having boy/girl twins but we're having difficulty agreeing on first and middle names for them both. We would really value your suggestions so please any and all suggestions are welcome. Their surname will be Wilkes and we generally like modern names but not too common.


Jonny W


thanks susisays i like your suggestions!

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    Congrats!!! How about Jeremiah Michael and Jacklyn Marie.

    Alexander Matthew and Alyssa Grace

    Bryan James and Brianna Christine

    Christian Michael and Claire Marie

    David James and Daniella Christine

    Hope this helps you out a little.

  • Samantha Jade Wilkes


    Sean Jackson Wilkes

    Daniel Lucas Wilkes


    Deanna Lucille Wilkes

    Aidan Gregory Wilkes


    Ariana Grace Wilkes

    Jaiden Daniel Wilkes


    Jasmine Dana Wilkes

    Harrison Andrew WIlkes


    Holly Anne Wilkes

    Lachlan James Wilkes


    Laura Jasmine Wilkes

    Mason Oliver Wilkes


    Marnie Olivia Wilkes

    Good luck! I know how hard it is to find names for multiples.

    Source(s): Expecting triplets!
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    Here are some suggestions of modern and semi-uncommon names, feel free to mix and match names.


    Amelia Grace

    Natalie Mae

    Kristen Noelle

    Julia Rose

    Gabriella Faith

    Jennifer Lyn

    Heather Anne

    Holly Anne

    Eden Christine

    Rachel Marie


    Mason Alexander

    Noah Mathew

    Luke Nathaniel

    Connor James

    Ethan Thomas

    Owen Christopher

    Parker Ryan

    Chase Oliver

    Zachary Paul

    Jonah Mathew

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    Tristan Elijah &

    Jocelyn Noelle

    Seth Asher &

    Sabrina Renee

    Wesley Xavier &

    Viviana Kate

    Ronan Gabriel &

    Willow Evangeline

    Rylan James &

    Colette Amelie

    Evander Logan &

    Olivia Shae

    Lincoln Russell &

    Jolie Claire

    Ari Harris &

    Johanna Grace

    Jackson Pierce &

    Michaela Faith

    Zane Christensen &

    Arielle Briar

    Hunter Drake &

    Winterlyn Anne

    Cain Michael &

    Lily Elizabeth

    Roderick Dean &

    Savannah Joy

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    Joshua Isaiah

    Domonick Levette***

    Matt Damon

    Jacob Samuel

    Adam Isaiah

    Eve Marie

    Domonique Evette***

    Adamealia Michelle

    Shakeera Nacole

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    Hi Jonny .... congrats!

    Emily Reigh

    Ethan Ross

    Kimberly Lynn

    Kurt Lucas

    Amilyn Cora

    Andrew Curt

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    How exciting! Here's a few of my favorites:


    Jacey Arabella

    Riley Heaven

    Emmalee Mia

    Hayley Annabel

    Noel Page


    Jacan Asher

    Seamus Ely

    Lex Ellis

    Liam Ian

    Archer Reece

    Source(s): Proud mom of Cody (3 years) and Logan (5 months)
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    Do you really want them to have th exact same initials.. try identifying things.. I almost did this with my two, but found out it's so much easier that they have different initials.. RMG and CRG... at least make them flipped around, ie, CRW RCW.... something like that.. just think about the kids... dont give them a name that they are going to be constantly teased over, or they can't pronounce or spell easily or someone is going to say, 'name, is this a girl or a boy'.. its stressful to go through life that way..

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    I think it's neat to have opposite sets of initials - RC, CR etc. And matching names can be obnoxious.

    Dylan James

    Jessarae Dawn

    Cayla Grace

    Grady Charles

    Mariah Lynne

    Layne Martin

    Marina Rose

    Ryder Matthew

    You will have your hands full and enjoying every minute!

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    Aaron Michael.

    Ashlee Charlotte.

    Kyle Lee.

    Kara Elizabeth.

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