Semi conservative replication?

If DNA replication is semi conservative, all the generation 1 bacteria are expected to have hybrid DNA with one heavy DNA strand and one light strand.Explain why?

I was wondering is this to do with the fact that one strand of DNA is from the parent cell and the other is a new DNA strand.

Can someone explain in detail please?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yeah semi-conservative means that when the DNA is replicating, the new molecule of DNA has one old strand and one new strand. It is not like one of the molecules have both old and other one that got replicated has both new. Or its not even like that its mixture of bits of old and new. So that fact that DNA is semi-conservative.. when DNA is replicated in bacteria, similar thing happens. One strand is going to be the old one and other strand is going to be the newly replicted. In your case, I think there is sumting to do with like heavy isotopes of nitrogen or sumting is used to see what happens. And so you get one old light strand but other starand the new one is with the heavy strand. HOpe that make sense to you :|

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