What is the climate like in the Amazon?

And what is it like to be out there in the midst of it all.

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    Hi vixenrules80!

    What a great question, but not so easy to answer!

    After all, the Amazon is almost as big as the United States, so covers a wide range of climate types, from alpine habitats in the Andes to the west of the river basin, to lowland tropical rainforest. Of course, the latter covers much of the Amazon watershed, and is what most people think of as the "Amazon." And there your other answerers are perfectly correct--warm, humid, muggy.

    But sometimes, it cools down, especially during certain times of the year when a cool wind blows from the southern part of South America. Insects go quiet, reptiles become sluggish, and it's as though everything is waiting for temperatures to rise again.

    During the day, the average temperature in the lowland rainforest is about 75 to 90 Fahrenheit--seeming quite pleasant, until you get inside the forest itself and the humidity goes up.

    At night, the heat subsides a bit, a welcome respite. As the mass of green dwindles to darkness, the night sounds take over. You hear the calls of countless insects, crickets and katydids, and other animals: owls, night monkeys, the growl of a jaguar...

    It's hard to describe in a few sentences. I've provided some links below to give you more ideas of what it's like to be in the Amazon rainforest--one of the world's truly special places.

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    Very wet and lots of rain. It is like walking through water. I worked in the Ecuadorian jungle for 12 years. We had to tight the jungle all the time or it would take over.

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    Warm & VERY humid. So humid, you'll never need to wear lotion again.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hot and muggy.

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